Best Experimental 2017

The Happiest Barrack is an experimental documentary, and a chronicle of Director Noemi Varga’s grandmother’s life in Soviet Hungary. It serves as a memento of times past and as a reminder of how socialism colonised the soul’s of a generation. The short won the Best in Category for Experimental at ASFF 2017.

Varga notes: “I am truly humbled that such a personal story coming from a teeny tiny country in Eastern Europe resonates with so many people all over the world. I believe that limiting choices of particular groups through political means is always a form of oppression and something we should always stand against. I would like to thank ASFF and the organisers for this wonderful festival and the Jury for choosing my film as the winner and my wonderful crew, cast, friends and family for helping me realise this film.”

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1. Trailer for Noemi Varga’s The Happiest Barrack. Courtesy of Vimeo.