Best Documentary 2017

Right-wing populism is spreading through Western Europe like wildfire. It is most popular in quiet, white neighbourhoods where people are shielded from different cultures and lifestyles. In this unscripted documentary, Sam Peeters portrays an ironic caricature of life in the Flemish suburbs, which reflects the current European zeitgeist. The short won Best Documentary at ASFF 2017, for its undeterred vision to hold a mirror up to society.

Sam Peeters, Director, notes: “Although HOMELAND was shot in Belgium and is very much a Belgian film, I myself have dual nationality: Belgian and British, so winning an award at a great English festival means so much to me. The Brexit upset me quite a bit as did the the election of Trump and the general rise of rightwing populism in the West, so I hope the message of HOMELAND will reach as many people as possible. Winning Best Documentary at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival will surely help. Thanks!”

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1. Trailer for Sam Peeters’s HOMELAND. Courtesy of Vimeo.