ASFF 2019 Award Winners

Best of Festival

Kofi & Lartey

Dir. Sacha Rainbow | UK, 2018

Agbogbloshie has been dubbed one of the most toxic places on earth, but dig a little deeper and it’s filled with wonderful people and their beautiful stories. Here we meet Kofi and Lartey.

Peoples Choice Award Winner


Dir. Garry Crystal | UK, 2018

Two strangers are trapped in a lift. One is dying; the other is dying to escape. A claustrophobic and knuckle-clenching short starring Amanda Donohoe, James Eeles and Paul Barber.

BFI Network & Film Hub North Polaris Award


Charlene Jones | UK, 2019

Grief is an emotion felt by all humans at some point. It is integral to life. This is an honest and raw conversation between three siblings as they discuss the very recent loss of their parents.

Hijack Visionary Filmmaker Award

They Found Her in a Field

Ellie Rogers | UK, 2019

Haunted by the death of her fellow classmate and first ever love, Martha returns, 10 years on, to their old meeting place. But as the memories come flooding back, she must confront a mystery.

York Youth Award


Hannah Hill | UK, 2019

Betty and Hector’s marriage is on the rocks. One night they make a surprising discovery that might just change things forever. With presenters and actors Matthew Kelly and Felicity Montagu.

Best Advertising

NIKE | L’incredibile

LEONE | Italy, 2019

Expressing the perseverance and dedication of young boys who love football; how they train every day, cutting out space for the ball inside their lives. The passion of a neighbourhood.

Best Animation


Leszek Mozga | UK, 2018

Roadkill is a stop-motion animated thriller. One alpha male deer goes for an evening car ride and has an unfortunate car accident along the way. A series of unwilling events unfold in front of him.

Best Artists' Film

A Protest, A Celebration, A Mixed Message

Rhea Storr | UK, 2018

An analysis of forms of authority. A Protest, A Celebration, A Mixed Message asks who is performing and who has power. Viewers are asked to consider the visibility of black bodies in rural spaces.

Best Comedy


Grandmas | UK, 2018

Barry, a mild-mannered dimwit from somewhere in the northwest of England, attempts to elicit the help of his former lover, Linda, in a local social club after brutally murdering his grandmother.

Best Dance

The Golden Age

Eric Minh Cuong Castaing | France, 2018

In a series of candid workshops, children with motor disabilities experiment with various dance techniques and Virtual Reality to experience what performers see whilst on the stage.

Best Documentary

Bright Lights

Charby Ibrahim | Australia, 2019

Sharon has been addicted to poker machines since they first arrived in Australia in 1992. Through this animated documentary film, she reflects on the devastating consequences of gambling.

Best Drama

Miss Chazelles

Thomas Vernay | France, 2019

Clara and Marie are rivals. Clara is the first successor, whilst Marie won the Miss Chazelles-sur-Lyon prize. The tension rises between Clara’s friends and Marie’s family, but the girls are ambivalent.

Best Experimental


Samona Olanipekun | UK, 2018

Samona Olanipekun considers the concept of home, identity and belonging, whilst tapping into the underlying presence of wider globalisation in today’s world. Commissioned by The Barbican.

Best Fashion Film

Lola's Manifesto

Gsus Lopez | Spain, 2018

Lola’s Manifesto is a brief moment in the life of two TV commercial stars between takes. Mother and daughter passionately discuss what they think a fashion film really is. A meta-fashion film.

Best Music Video

Shahmaran - Sevdaliza

Emmanuel Adjei | USA, 2018

This seven-minute cinematic experience questions the desires of the human mind, telling the story of a black man who continues through life in a cycle of oppression. Dazzling desert landscapes.

Best Thriller


Garth Jennings | France, 2018

Garth Jennings' chilling Madame is set within a grand Parisian apartment. Inside the building lives an elegant elderly lady. But inside this lady is a monster who is waiting to emerge.

Best Feature

Irene's Ghost

Iain Cunningham | UK, 2018

Irene’s Ghost follows a son’s search to find out about the mother he never knew. Iain was three when she died and became a family secret. Later in life, he is inspired to discover the truth.

Best VR & Immersive Experience

Virtual Viking

Erik Gustavson | UK, 2019

Over 30 actors were filmed in Hammerhead's volumetric studio, using over 106 cameras. Virtual Viking captures Norway's west coast, marking one of the first techniques in scripted VR drama.