ASFF 2015 Award Winners

Best of Festival | Best Thriller

A Confession

Dir. Petros Silvestros | UK 2015

A mysterious young man must confess a terrible sin. But what he reveals to a priest resonates way beyond the confines of the Church – calling into question a 1,500 year-old relationship.

Peoples Choice Award Winner

Acoustic Kitty

Dir. Jennifer Sheridan | UK 2014

Directed by Jennifer Sheridan, Acoustic Kitty is inspired by the true story of the CIA's bungled attempt to spy on the Russians by implanting cats with sound recording devices in their midst.

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York Youth Award Award Winner

Billy The Kid

Dir. Sam Johnson | UK 2015

15-year-old Billy learns that fitting in to a new school can be hard, particularly when you were bullied out of the last one for living your life as a heroic, lasso wielding cowboy.

Best Advertising Film

The Experimenter

Dir. Simon Emmerson, Andy Russell, Tim Spence & Phil Robson | UK 2014

The film aims to capture the ultimate Lush experience in an explosion of colour and texture akin to its creative process.

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Best Animation

Somewhere Down The Line

Dir. Julien Regnard | Ireland 2014

A man's life, loves and losses are shown through the exchanges he has with the passengers in his car. Produced by the Frameworks short film scheme, dedicated to animation.

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Best Artists' Film

Towards The Possible

Dir. Shezad Dawood | UK/Morocco 2014

Shezad Dawood’s Towards the Possible Film operates between the real, the surreal, the past and present. It is a study in parallel universes, and the sparks that fly when worlds collide.

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Best Comedy

How I Didn't Become a Piano Player

Dir. Tommaso Pitta | UK 2015

Ted, aged nine, is the clumsiest boy in the world. Desperately searching for his vocation, he cannot find anything he is good at. Then his father comes home with an old monstrous piano.

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Best Dance


Dir. Tom Rowland | UK 2014

Primitive follows the story of a dancer through bitter heartbreak and repressed rage to absolution in creativity, exploring the nature of creativity, violence, and the loss of love.

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Best Documentary

Across Still Water

Dir. Ruth Grimberg | UK 2014

Losing his sight to an incurable disease, John considers his future and, guided by schoolboy Ben, casts his line for carp at the bottom of London’s mysterious hidden lakes.

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Best Drama


Dir. Benjamin Cleary | UK 2015

A reclusive typographer with a debilitating speech problem must face his worst fear as he is thrown into a series of uncomfortable, challenging encounters with strangers.

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Best Experimental


Dir. Anu Valia | USA 2014

Told through the eyes of a down-on-her-luck actor, Drifters explores the basic human desire to find purpose in one's life decisions, inhabiting its daily hesitations and anxieties.

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Best Fashion

Pinch Me (For Ted Baker)

Dir. Crowns & Owls | UK 2015

Set on a mysterious island , Pinch Me follows a shipwrecked lead male exploring his surroundings and uncovering a surreal town populated by powerful, intriguing female clones.

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Best Music Video

We Were Evergreen - Daughters

Dir. Dominique Rocher | France 2014

A contemporary take on the myth of Danaids and inspired by Zbigniew Rybczynski's short Tango, the video plays on the progressive overlapping of characters performing in one room.

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