ASFF 2014 Award Winners

Best of Festival | Best Animation


Dir. Alan Holly | Ireland, 2013

A lost soul stumbles drunkenly through the city, where Death finds him and shows him many things. A handdrawn film voiced by Brian Gleeson and Orla Fitzgerald.

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Peoples Choice Award Winner

The Wolf, The Ship & The Little green Bag

Dir. Kathryn MacCorgarry Gray | UK, 2014

The Wolf, the Ship and the Little Green Bag is a documentary following the life events of three elderly women who recount their coming of age stories.

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York Youth Award Winner

How To Disappear Completely

Dir. Phil Drinkwater and Tim Woodall | UK, 2014

A 13-year-old misfit magician attempts to escape a cruel adolescence by perfecting the ultimate on stage disappearing trick.

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Best Advertising

The Directors Project

Dir. Ben Marshall | UK, 2014

Jigsaw look to the film industry for their AW14 fashion shoot, working with acclaimed feature film director; Francesca Gregorini and inspirational cinematographer, Polly Morgan.

Best Artists' Film

Forgotten Memories From The End of The World

Dir. Danilo Godoy | Brazil, 2014

A VHS labelled "Barcelona 1989" carries a tragic piece of Maria’s past. While she's watching the tape, a mysterious motorcycle courier appears in her window.

Best Comedy

Girl Power

Dir. Benjamin Bee | UK, 2014

1997. Into a dizzy world of glamour and false promises comes Cass, a recent graduate. Innocent Publishing appears perfect – but behind cool Britannia there lurks a much darker place.

Best Documentary

Herd In Iceland

Dir. Lindsay Blatt | USA/Iceland, 2013

During the summer, Icelandic horses live a remote existence grazing in the highlands. Every September, they are rounded up and directed home across the rugged terrain.

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Best Drama

A Good Story

Dir. Martin-Christopher Bode | Germany, 2013

When Helga Landowsky discovers a broken jug near the German/Polish border, she wants it. But she finds that the antiquarian doesn’t want to trade.

Best Experimental


Dir. Harald Hutter | France/Scotland, 2014

Léthé is an invitation to go astray; an invitation to forget one’s self, embarking with our vagrant protagonist as he searches to forget his past.

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Best Fashion Film

River Island x Joseph Turvey (Featuring JUSTANORM)

Dir. Alex Turvey | UK, 2013

Inspired by Joseph Turvey’s streetwear aesthetic and documentary photographer Jamel Shabazz, Alex Turvey’s short film centres around the model collective Justanorm.

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Best Music Video

Night Mail - Public Service Broadcasting

Dir. Robert Hackett | UK, 2013

Shot at night, this promo is characterised by images from the original Night Mail GPO Film Unit film featuring WH Auden's poem, projected onto a disused train station.

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Best Thriller

Keeping Up With The Joneses

Dir. Michael Pearce | UK, 2013

MP's wife Celia discovers her husband's true colours when she is taken hostage by his criminal business associates. Maxine Peake stars and BAFTA-nominated Michael Pearce directs.

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