ASFF 2013 Award Winners

Best of Festival | Best Drama

Out of Darkness

Dir. Manjinder Virk | UK, 2013

A unique story, told by nine different voices, which explores the haunting of a conscience by lost souls that won’t let go. With Tom Hiddleston and Riz Ahmed.

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Peoples Choice Award Winner

But Milk Is Important

Dir. Anna Mantzaris / Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen | Norway, 2012

A man with social anxiety disorder finds his routine life changed drastically when a naïve and clumsy creature appears and starts to follow him. Terrified, he tries to escape.

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Best Animation

Oh Willy

Dir. Emma De Swaef / Marc James Roels | Belgium / France / Netherlands / Luxembourg, 2011

Willy returns to the naturist community where he spent his youth to visit his dying mother. In confused sadness, he flees to the forest, finding motherly protection in a big, gentle beast.

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Best Artists' Film


Dir. Imran Perretta | UK, 2012

Ma, Bengali for mother, is a work exploring the subject of loss. The film follows my grandmother as she reflects on the recent death of her daughter, my mother.

Best Comedy

This Way Out

Dir. Staten Cousins-Roe | UK, 2013

An oddball manager and her hapless assistant have 10 days to increase client numbers at their assisted suicide centre or face closure by the Euthanasia Licensing Board.

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Best Documentary

Danger Overhead Powerlines

Dir. Mia Mullarkey | Ireland, 2013

A modern-day David and Goliath tale, Danger Overhead Powerlines follows a 65-year-old woman who is imprisoned when she tries to protect thousands of trees she planted by hand.

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Best Experimental

Man vs Sand

Dir. Prano Bailey-Bond | UK, 2012

Post-apocalyptic short film inspired by Theatre of the Absurd, offering a satirised view of the live-to-work ethic. Originally based on a letter about the economic crisis.

Best Music Video

Call Me In The Afternoon - Half Moon Run

Dir. Czlowiek Kamera | Poland, 2012

Surreal, split screen music video for Canadian trio Half Moon Run. Deep in the woods, just out of sight, curious things happen and not everything is as it seems.

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Best Thriller


Dir. Karim Ouaret | France 2012, 2012

Beneath the whirr of a desolate laundromat, a woman enters to wash her clothes. Beside her, a man’s memory plays tricks on him as he tries to read his comic book.

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