ASFF 2011 Award Winners

Best of Festival | Best Documentary

River Dog

Dir. James Muir / Daniel Hunter | New Zealand, 2011

A look into a lone farmer’s life, and the struggle he endures.

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Peoples Choice Award Winner

Dr. Knowgood: Lion's Pride

Dir. Arnold Zwanenburg | The Netherlands / Indonesia, 2010

A lion has lost his mighty voice.

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Best Artists' Film


Dir. Michael Barwise | UK, 2011

An exploration of life beside a peace wall in Northern Ireland.

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Best Comedy

Tooty's Wedding

Dir. Frederic Casella | UK, 2010

A young couple’s marriage hilariously hits the rocks during a weekend wedding in the country.

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Best Drama


Dir. Piers Thompson | UK/Bulgaria/Turkey, 2010

A woman arrives in an unknown country, and appears to be running away from her past.

Best Experimental


Dir. Jo Shaw | UK, 2011

In a world where Bogeymenroam freely, Olddog tries to defend the family home.

Best Music Video

Soldier - Amatorski/h2>

Dir. Maria de Gier | Belgium, 2011

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Best Thriller

Cleaning Up

Dir. Thomas Guerrier | UK, 2011

Mr Jackson is the perfect hitman. You see him and die.