Awards at ASFF

As a BAFTA-recognised film festival, ASFF is the perfect platform upon which to showcase your work, as it could lead to national, even international acclaim. The ASFF awards are tailored to ensure that shorts of all genres and standards are considered and rewarded. Alongside the jury awards, there is also a People’s Choice Award, where festival-goers are given the opportunity to vote for which film they engaged with the most.

As part of ASFF’s Youth Engagement day, school pupils aged 11-14 watch a selection of specially curated Official Selection films chosen for them to watch and critique, before deciding on which one should claim their winning spot. Last year the students voted for The Silent Child by Chris Overton, a Staffordshire-based short film inspired by the real life experiences of a young deaf girl that would this year win Best Live Action Short Film at the Academy Awards. For screenwriters in particular, the NFS Award For Best Screenplay was established to recognise exceptional work shown in writing and developing scripts. The Northern Film School is based at Leeds Beckett University, and returns to the festival this year to present the prize to the winning screenplay from the Official Selection.

In 2017, the film to claim the title of Festival Winner out of over 300 titles was Wave, Benjamin Cleary and TJ O’Grady Peyton’s heart-warming short about a young man who awakes from a coma speaking an entirely unrecognisable language. Cleary previously won the same award for his short film Stutterer, which would go on to win Best Live Action Short Film at the 88thAcademy Awards. Wave was also awarded the prize spot in the Best Drama category. Each short is assigned to groups upon being selected, and each candidate in the Official Selection is eligible to win within that category. These are broken down by genre and medium, with categories including Documentary, Animation, Music Video and Advertising, ensuring that commercial and artistic content are considered as well as experimental films and narrative shorts.

ASFF prides itself on presenting a broad selection of short films that represent a wealth of diverse voices in creative, challenging styles and formats, and ensures that this work is awarded as such. For more information about the awards, click here.

1. Still from Wave. Courtesy of Benjamin Cleary.
2. Still from Stutterer. Courtesy of Benjamin Cleary.
3. Still from Silent Child. Courtesy of Rachel Shenton and Chris Overton.