Athens Video Art Festival 2013

The Athens Video Art Festival returns for the 9th edition of the International Festival of Digital Arts & New Media. Running 7 until 9 June, exhibitions, screenings, workshops and performances will be hosted at the Historical Centre of Athens, opening a dialogue between public and private space.

Using Athens as its starting point, the video art festival takes advantage of the diversity and the dynamics of the city. In order to inspire creativity in a specific area of Athens, the route between Theatrou Sq., Kotzia Sq., Agias Eirinis Sq. and Monastiraki Sq., there will be a number of screenings, art interventions and co operations. This project will also highlight the continuously developing artist community.

The aim of the event is to allow contemporary artists to draw inspiration from the urban environment around them, inviting them into the city of Athens to explore the unlimited potential of art through experimentation. Athens Video Art Festival also collaborates with other academic institutions and international festivals to create a platform where connections can be made and professionals can meet.

The programme includes a variety of activities, including screenings of animation and video art, besides films from other international festivals the exhibitions. There are also exhibitions running, exploring web art, digital image, installation and video installation. There will also be presentations and workshops from international festivals and institutions and live acts, ranging from concerts to Kinetic performances.

The Athens Video Art Festival, 7 – 9 June, Athens,

Medea Electronic ft. Savvina Yannatou.