ASFF 2020: 5 Guest Programmes to See

This year’s Guest Programmes have been divided into two curated sections – Perspectives and ASFF’s 10th Anniversary Screenings. The Perspective programmes will be released on Tuesday 3 November and available On Demand until 30 November. The 10th Anniversary screenings are released daily as part of ASFF’s curated strands. These films explore various themes and styles aiming to broaden our horizons by providing diverse viewpoints.

Directors Notes and Can We Talk DXB: I Still Can’t Breathe 

Section: Perspectives | Released 3 November

The need tackle racial injustice has never been more important. 2020 has seen major protests against racial inequality and police brutality across the globe. I Still Can’t Breathe explores Black stories from fictional perspectives, combined with documentary shorts focused on the recent protests in Bristol and New York. These 11 films depict the lives of the marginalised population, prompting critical conversations on one of society’s most pressing issues.

One to watch: Stop and Search, (dir.) Harry Jackson, 2020. A short exploring the power in Stopping and Searching.

A Troubled World in Strange Times

Section: ASFF’s 10th Anniversary | Released on 6 November

The impact of Covid-19 has cast the world we know into greater turmoil. These six shorts investigate the turbulent society we live in, concentrating on themes of global inequalities and government authority. This programme features a mixture of animation, documentary and drama investigating these contemporary themes from a variety of perspectives.

One to watch: Capital, (dir.) Freddy Syborn, 2018. Charlotte Ritchie (Call the Midwife) stars in a world where Capital Punishment becomes legal.

Short of the Week: Tales from Isolation

Section: Perspectives | Released 3 November

The global pandemic has left many of us isolated in different ways. We have had to adapt our daily lives to survive the ever-changing landscape that we have been plunged into. This programme explores these powerful feelings of loneliness, considering how different people cope in these difficult situations. These short animation and live-action projects encourage audiences to reflect on their own emotions, contemplating isolation from various contexts.

One to watch: Nigel, (dir.) Natasza Cetner, 2020. A short animation piece based on a true story where a lonely Gannet falls in love with a statue.

Scottish Documentary Institute: Hanoi Stories

Section: Perspectives | Released 3 November

ASFF believes it’s important to explore the unheard voices from around the world; Vietnam’s independent film scene is one of these. With more affordable and accessible technology now available in Vietnam, Hanoi Stories represents the growth of the Independent Cinema Industry in

Vietnam. These five documentary shorts concentrate on female voices in music, examining the power of music in Vietnamese culture.

One to Watch: AM DON (Alone Rider), (dir.) Le Thu Minh, Huynh Kim Khanh Tran, Do Quang DungNguyen Anh Tuan, 2019. A local girl travels around Hanoi obsessed with finding new experimental sounds.

A Decade of Cinema: Outstanding Shorts from ASFF

Section: ASFF’s 10th Anniversary | Released 8 November

In this programme, ASFF looks back on the last 10 years with an array of outstanding shorts from across the globe. From the award-winning drama, Cold Warrior (2012) to the music video of We Were Evergreen (2014) we are certain you’ll enjoy these Aesthetica Classics.

One to watch: Cold Warrior, (dir.) Emily Greenwood, 2012. A young gymnast questions her dreams of championship glory when she discovers she’s part of a shady government plot to win at any cost.

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