ASFF Video Library: 5 Documentaries

Meditating on the world around us, these multi-faceted films take viewers behind closed doors. Culturally rich, they spark dialogues with a range of timely topics. Here are 5 documentaries we recommend:

(dir.) Alice Aedy

Four British-Somalians navigate being black, female and Muslim at one of Britain’s most traditional institutions: Cambridge University. Somalinimo explores what it means to belong.

(dir.) Patrick Taylor

Faces is a short documentary in which several young people discuss the joys and challenges of being mixed race, set against visuals of an interracial couple in the throes of embrace.

dir.) Jessica Barclay Lawton

Environmentalist, non-binary skimpy bar worker, and free spirit. Meet Zef – a 21-year-old on a mission to discover the truth in and amongst the noise. A snapshot of humanity’s desire for intimacy.

The Last Taboo
(dir.) Chloe White

Three women who made the decision to mother from afar tell their stories. When there’s growing acceptance for alternative family models, why does non-custodial motherhood shock and appal?

(dir.) Laura Wadha

Two young sisters who arrive in Sweden, having fled the war in Syria, are becoming teenagers in a new world. They try to hold onto the memories of their home. 

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