ASFF Film Tour

The ASFF Film Tour initiative brings a selection of exceptional works from the Aesthetica Short Film Festival’s programme to audiences across the UK. This is the fifth year of the initiative, which has over the years successfully connected many films from the Official Selection with film community groups and cinemas, broadening the reach of the shorts beyond screenings at the festival in November.

This year, the ASFF Film Tour showcases a selection of short films across a variety of genres from the 2016 festival. It has screened at venues in Hexham, York, Bristol, Berwick, Sheffield, Manchester, Dorset and sites in Wales and Scotland amongst other locations. We list the short films included in this year’s Film Tour DVD.

Mast Qalandar (Drama)Divij Roopchand (London Film School)India, 2015
A Sikh boy is about to turn 13. Whilst tying his turban his mother asks him what he wants for his birthday, but he stays silent. If he tells her what he wants, she won’t let him have it.

Dust And Resin (Drama)Stephen Parker (Manor Hill & Chrome Productions), UK, 2015
Out of money and options, 20-something Simone pays an un-requested visit to an intimacy-starved pensioner with?a plan to make herself some quick, necessary cash.

Rhonna & Donna (Comedy)Daina O. Pusic (Creative England / Dan Films) UK, 2016
Rhonna and Donna are conjoined twin sisters having their biggest fight to date. Donna is in the school production of Romeo and Juliet whilst Rhonna has no desire to be involved.

Mother (Drama)Marc Hardman (Ubiquitous Film Production), UK, 2015
Lara has always lived in the shadow of her mother. That is, until the morning of one life-changing decision that Lara knows must be made alone, without guidance or influence.

Mr Madila (Animation)Rory Waudby-Tolley (Royal College of Art), UK, 2015
Mr Madila animates a series of conversations between the filmmaker and a spiritual healer, exploring the inner mind, the fabric of the universe, and the nature of reality itself.

Elders (Documentary) Glen MilnerUK, 2015
After leaving India for the industrial north of England in the 1960s, Karim and Katari Chand never imagined they would end up being married longer than anyone else in the world.

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1. Divij Roopchand, Mast Qalandar.