ASFF Takes You Through the Comedy Screening Selection: Five To See

The Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2014 encompasses a whole spectrum of short film genres, from the serenely familiar such as drama and thriller, to the new hybrids of art and fashion. Comedy, as a film genre, slips smartly into the highly popular and is often eagerly awaited at film festivals. At ASFF, we introduce a dynamic and diverse selection of short film from established and emerging international filmmakers, who seek to push the boundaries of contemporary comedy. Last year’s comedy screening saw a fantastic selection of well-loved shorts, as well as an exclusive screenwriting masterclass with actor and writer Alice Lowe, who returns to the festival in Benjamin Bee’s Girl Power. In the run up to ASFF 2014, we take a look at five must-see films from this distinct genre.

Five to see in the Comedy screening :

1. Happy Birthday Cindy Wei by Tsveta Lozanova, tells the tale of school underdog Cindy Wei as she builds up confidence through discovering the flamboyant world of her cross-dressing cousin.

2. Great by Andreas Henn, asks its audiences: did the Nazis ever see Chaplin’s The Great Dictator? Set in Yugoslavia, 1942, the film tells the true and astonishing World War Two resistance story where humour is used as a weapon.

3. Girl Power by Benjamin Bee (Attercop Productions) follows recent graduate Cass on her journey into the dizzy world of glamour and false promises. Innocent Publishing appears perfect – but behind cool Britannia there lurks a much darker place.

4. The Misbehaviour of Polly Paper Cut by Bryan M. Ferguson, sees a bored Hispanic comic-book obsessive turn into a masked sociopath with a thirst for mischief, after she submerges herself into a warped world of candy coloured nihilism

5. Mémorable moi (Remember Me) by Jean-François Asselin, is a dark and sinister look into one man’s quest for survival. Matthieu seeks every way to attract attention to himself, so much so that it becomes a matter of extreme endurance: you think of me so I exist.

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