ASFF BAFTA Nominations 2020

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has released its 2020 nominations and ASFF is thrilled to see that five of our official selection have been shortlisted for the prestigious awards.


Dir. Garth Jennings | France, 2018

Winner of ASFF’s Best Thriller Award in 2019, Madame is a darkly comedic psychological thriller. Helmed by seasoned director Garth Jennings (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Son of Rambow), Madame is a story of paranoia and plotting, following an elderly lady’s descent into madness and murder.

Set inside a grand Parisian apartment, the film’s lead is embroiled in a petty stand off with a workman who is renovating the building. The battle gradually intensifies. Stoked by the hallucinations of her deceased father, Madame concocts a bloody trap for the workman, to be done with him once and for all.


Dir. Sasha Rainbow | UK, 2019

Sasha Rainbow’s documentary Kamali is a heartwarming story of dream chasing. It is an important exploration of female empowerment.

Kamali is the titular subject of the film – a young girl from a fishing village in southern India. The only female skateboarder in the village, Kamali strives to express herself against the backdrop of traditional values and stereotypes within the male-dominated world that surrounds her.

Supporting Kamali’s ambition to become a champion skateboarder is her mother, Sunganthi, who is determined to offer a taste of freedom that she could never have.

Originally from New Zealand, Director Sasha Rainbow is undoubtably a director to watch, telling intimate stories which are beautifully captured. In 2019, two of Rainbow’s projects were part of ASFF’s official selection; Kamali and Kofi & Lartey – the latter of which won the prestigious Best of Fest award.

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Creepy Pasta Salad

Dir. Lauren Orme | UK, 2019

It’s Halloween and the end is nigh in Lauren Orme’s animated tale.

The film follows the muddled and mundane lives of three characters: a call centre employee who is anxious about her health; a ghost with low self esteem who is worried about paying his gas bill; and a lonely witch who awaits the coming of the end.

A quirky and funny animated short, this film was three years in the making. It included painstakingly painted scenes by numerous skilled animators.

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Grandad Was a Romantic

Dir. Maryam Mohajer | UK, 2019

Maryam Mohajer is an Iranian filmmaker. With a background in painting, she discovered animation upon relocating to the UK in 2000.

Grandad was a Romantic is told through the eyes of a child – documenting her grandfather’s boundless love for her grandmother. The film chronicles  their first interactions – falling in love, getting married and starting a family along a winding road.

Grandad was a Romantic is told delicately through bold painted animations, offering a childlike sense of intimacy and candid storytelling.

Maryam’s previous film – Red Dress. No Straps. – screened at ASFF 2017.

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The Magic Boat

Dir. Naaman Azhari | UK, 2019

Naaman Azhari’s heartbreaking film The Magic Boat depicts the devastating migrant crisis first-hand through the eyes of a mother and her son who are fleeing a war-torn homeland.

This intimate insight examines the relationship between mother and child as they embark on a perilous journey on board one of the many boats that attempt dangerous ocean crossings. Like so many, they are underprepared, scared and desperate.

Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, The Magic Boat brings the harrowing plight of refugees to the screen through minimal and honest animation.

Naaman Azhari is an ASFF alumnus, having screened at ASFF in 2018 with The Sunshine Boy.

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