Laugh Out Loud Comedies

ASFF has given us plenty to smile about this year. With comedies from all over the world, from mockumentaries to fever dreams, we select 10 comedies from our Official Selection to watch over the weekend.

Tal Mahal Presents…A Short Film
David Dearlove, UK, 2021, 04:32
The ASFF Best Comedy 2021 is a short film for people who don’t like short films. A hilarious swipe at a genre that often seems longer than it is short. Starring Bafta-nominated actor and director Phil Davis.

A Few Miles South (No Dialogue)
Ben Pearce, UK, 2020, 13:46
The year is 1911, the Golden of Arctic Exploration. Two mappers, however, find themselves in a rather perilous and unexpected predicament, with no food, trapped by a polar bear. Toby Jones stars.

Kerli Kirch Schneider, Estonia, 2019, 15:00
In Virago village – where no man has lived long enough to see his 40th birthday – Tõnu is about to turn 40 and break down all perceptions and expectations of what’s possible in today’s world.

Carlos Gómez-Trigo, Spain, 2020, 06:30
Natural selection says that only those who adapt will survive. What if humans have become stupid? Are we worthy of the future? Who will the survivors be in the new world?

Full V
Rose Duckworth, New Zealand, 2020, 06:47
When two friends are going to get sexual health checks, tensions flare over the ancient history of their one-off hook up. Anna’s work shows raw depictions of relatable feminine experiences.

The Wapidemic
Céline Tshika, South Africa, 2021, 07:16
The Wapidemic is a dive into the impact that Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP had on the lives of four men, who refer to themselves as “The Gents”. A mockumentary.  

School Night
Zachary Joel Johnson, USA, 2020, 11:03
An eight grade teacher accidentally texts nudes to the wrong contact and has to deal with the consequences. A hilarious short that taps into our worst fears – being exposed to the masses.

Greg Barth, UK, 2020, 04:17
An isolation fever dream about a man’s hunger that’s becoming harder to satiate, driving him to the brink of manslaughter (or man-potato slaughter) to satisfy his delusions of grandeur.

Friends Online
Samantha White, UK, 2020, 05:21
Stacey, an anxiety-ridden, lonely, keyboard-warrior hopelessly trying to convince his favourite young friend, Ellie, that he too is a teenage girl, with the desperate hope that she’ll send him pictures.

Animal Food (No Dialogue)
Jonas Ljung, Sweden, 2020, 05:20
A dark comedy about a socially awkward man with an abnormal interest in bird food. What’s culturally acceptable to eat, and what’s not? The story is told using rhythmic visuals, without dialogue.

The 2021 Aesthetica Short Film Festival runs online until 30 November. Virtual tickets are still available to purchase here.