Masterclasses at ASFF: Animation and VFX

This year ASFF presents a selection of masterclasses which offer unique insights into animation and VFX. Discover the work of top animators, VFX supervisors and stop motion directors, including films such as Fantastic Mr Fox and Avengers: Endgame.

Harry Partridge in Conversation

Independent animator Harry Partridge has amassed an enormous online cult following with his creation of iconic cartoon characters such as Dr. Bees, the Starbarians and Trilby Dogtooth. A truly autonomous creator – writing, animating, voicing and scoring all his own short films – Harry will discuss his unique career balancing commissions for huge video game franchises such as Skyrim and Hitman with his own original projects. He will also give detailed insight into the craft behind some of his breakout cartoons such as Saturday Morning Watchmen and The Justin Bieber Show.

2 November, Virtual Only, 15:00, Channel 1

Road to Nowhere: DIY Making, Creativity in Crisis

Artist and musician Ian Bruce is best known as the lead singer of world-touring, festival-conquering multi-genre dance duo The Correspondents. However, he is also an award-winning painter and filmmaker, who specialises in animations and tenderly realised painted portraits. Here, Bruce speaks in conversation about short films and music videos for his new solo music project under the name Mr Bruce, many of which are DIY productions made on microbudgets. He demonstrates the potential of creativity in times of crisis.

3 November, York Explore & Available On Demand

Inclusion and Diversity in VFX

Just two years ago, the UK Screen Alliance, alongside Access VFX, published a major report into inclusion in the UK’s VFX sector. The document showed that people of colour make up just 19% of the workforce in visual effects. Two percent of the animation, VFX and post-production workforce identified as having a physical disability. Join this honest panel discussion with Arts University Bournemouth to find out more about the important steps being taken to ensure that the world of VFX is an option for everyone.

5 November, York Explore & Available On Demand 

The Wonderful World Of Animation

From hand-drawn characters to world-bending CGI, animation has long inspired audiences with its boundless potential. Hear from Tom Box, Co-Founder of the multi-BAFTA-winning Blue Zoo (The Adventures of Paddington, Miffy), Stop Motion Director Anthony Farquhar-Smith (Fantastic Mr Fox, Corpse Bride) and ASFF alumnus and BAFTA award-winning animator Maryam Mohajer (Grandad Was a Romantic) as they highlight the processes behind everything from large-scale brand commercials to independent shorts.

5 November, Yorkshire Museum, Channel 2

Visual Effects: Impossible Storytelling

From superhero multi-verses to edgy crime thrillers, spectacular blockbusters to sumptuous period dramas, visual effects are all around us, allowing filmmakers to pursue increasingly ambitious, boundary pushing storytelling. In this talk, VFX supervisor Stuart Penn from Academy Award-winning studio Framestore (Avengers: Endgame, Loki, The Aeronauts, Paddington 2) joins us to discuss the increasingly vital role played by VFX in film and television production, the potential of new technology across the industry.

5 November, Yorkshire Museum, Channel 2

Virtual Production: Storytelling in the 21st Century 

In a post-pandemic world, the role that virtual production will play in film and television is enormous. Real-time computer graphic technologies are now a viable option on live film sets, and virtual production is becoming a crucial component to the VFX timeline. Learn more about new ways of working with Steve Jelley and Ed Thomas from Dimension (Sky’s Britannia VR and Balenciaga – Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow), one of the world’s most advanced volumetric, 3D capture and virtual production studios.

5 November, York Explore & Available On Demand 

Industrial Light and Magic: Fantastic Universes, New Frontiers

As the visual effects and animation studio for Lucasfilm, Industrial Light & Magic has been responsible for building some of the most memorable and magical worlds in recent cinema. VFX Supervisor Julian Foddy, who has worked on blockbusters including Fast & Furious 9, The Mandalorian and the forthcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, brings us a masterclass that will illuminate this fascinating area of post-production. A compelling insight into the hard work and innovation it takes to build a captivating and convincing imagined universe.

5 November, Yorkshire Museum, Channel 2

Animation: Drawing Success

Animators have a level of freedom and flexibility to create works that are pure imagination, from drawing and painting to building whole virtual worlds using special effects. Many creatives working in animation are directing, editing, scripting, writing and developing the entire project on their own. This multifaceted skillset is one that brings a lot of scope for project development. Hear from a panel of innovative animators who will discuss their ideas, techniques, motivations and the reality of making a project.

6 November, York Theatre Royal & Available On Demand

Masterclasses will run in-person from 2-7 November. Most sessions will also be recorded and will be available to stream on our virtual platform from 2-30 November. Read more about our full range of masterclasses here. Passes start from £25. Discover our ticket options here.