ASFF 2020: VR at Home

360° film opens up a wealth of storytelling possibilities, bringing the audience closer to the action than ever before, immersing them in both real and entirely imagined environments and offering a completely innovative viewing experience.

For the third year, ASFF presents its 360° Cinema, realised in partnership with UAL’s London College of Communication. This year, as part of the virtual festival, ASFF audiences can experience immersive film at home, with VR cardboard headsets available with tickets. Witness the story of a family caught in the Chernobyl disaster. Explore the nature of incarceration with inmates. Experience the Apollo space missions from launch to return.

Alongside film screenings, ASFF 2020 will also be hosting a series of VR Panel Discussions, asking questions such as: What is the potential of Virtual Reality in the future? What are the ethical and moral codes that we must adhere to inside imagined environments? How do you adapt the storytelling process for completely immersive narratives?

ASFF welcomes industry professionals and filmmakers to share their experiences. In these live industry discussions, our guests explore the practicalities and challenges of VR. Among the panels:

  • VR for Change: Beyond Entertainment | 3 November 15.30-16.30
    This panel discusses how VR can be developed for positive solutions across medical care, rehabilitation and education as well as destructive purposes, such as military use or surveillance.
  • 360° Filmmaking: The Fundamentals | 5 November 15.30-16.30
    This discussion covers the process of 360° filmmaking, looking at how to find an engaging story and introduce it to the virtual realm.
  • Breaking Boundaries: Documentary in 360° |7 November 15.30-16.30
    360° film is revolutionising the world of factual content, immersing an audience and challenging their viewpoints. Join a panel of pioneering documentarians as they look at the power of VR for good.

All VR panels will run live daily between 3-8 November. Live industry events are free with a festival pass and available On Demand until 30 November.

Purchase your Festival Pack, with at-home VR cardboard headsets, at

1. Still from Dyspla_Two Women, Dir. Lennie Varvarides. Part of the VR Official Selection at ASFF 2020.
2. Still from Conniveo, Dir. Georgia Tucker. Part of the VR Official Selection at ASFF 2020.
Still from 1st Step, Dir. Joerg Courtial. Part of the VR Official Selection at ASFF 2020.