ASFF 2020: Tips for Submission

ASFF 2020: Tips for Submission

Get inspired as we enter the final month for ASFF submissions. We share five key pieces of advice to inform your entry to the 2020 festival.

1. Write a Detailed Synopsis

We use your synopsis to promote your work – in the print programme, online and to our social media followers. This text should get to the crux of what the film is about. What type of story are you telling? Who are the characters? Where is it set? What are the key themes?

2. Prepare Your High-Resolution Stills

Select a range of high-resolution images to accompany your entry. We’re looking for bold, visually compelling images that get to the heart of your narrative. We use these stills to publicise the festival and its films online and in print. Grab audiences’ attention with strong visuals.

3. Tell Us How Your Film Is Different

ASFF is a destination for films that are pushing boundaries – telling bold and powerful stories in fresh ways. How does your film do this? Tell us about the innovative approaches you’ve taken to create your submission. Explain the unique subject matter it explores. Is it treading new ground?

4. Save the Dates to Attend

ASFF is an exciting experience. Your film’s selection is the perfect opportunity to attend. The world has changed in recent months – but we will be running the festival. Attend masterclasses, network with other filmmakers and industry leaders. Be immersed in a festival environment.

5. Use Your Network to Promote Your film

Build a buzz. Start creating the hype early online and across social media. Make dedicated accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for your film. Make it easy for people to share the news. Create shareable video content – teaser trailers, behind-the-scenes clips or interviews.

Submissions are now open for the 10th edition of the Aesthetica Short Film Festival.

BAFTA-qualifying ASFF 2020 takes place from 4 – 8 November with an unrivalled programme of short films and immersive media showcases, networking opportunities, career development initiatives and interactive talks, Q&As and workshops. Submit your work here. Deadline: 31 May.