ASFF 2020: Showcase Screenings: The Future of Filmmaking

ASFF’s renowned Showcase Screenings are a demonstration of the UK’s burgeoning new film talent. Presenting works from today’s leading schools and institutions, these events are a chance to see and hear from the next generation of filmmakers.

In 2020, we welcome a dynamic array of organisations, highlighting the building blocks of film – from idea generation and storytelling, micro-budget production and examining the film industry post Covid-19.These one-hour screenings are accompanied by specialist Q&As and panel discussions led by key representatives, academics, creatives and graduates, exploring the craft of filmmaking, inspiration, subject matter and form.

Points of View: Yours, Mine, Theirs  |Tuesday 3 November 10:00-12:00

Filmmaking – whether factual or fictive – has the power to tell a story from a new standpoint. How we share and present those points of view involves careful consideration. York St John University discusses the importance of perspective in both narrative and factual storytelling.

Innovation: Micro-Budget Features | Tuesday 3 November 13:30-15:30

Gaining first-hand experience is essential to developing skills and industry connections. Falmouth University promotes active engagement and participation with feature film production, producing a slate of micro-budget features through the Sound Image Cinema Lab – a slate which include Mark Jenkin’s BAFTA-winning debut Bait. In this discussion, practitioners highlight the value of hands-on experience.

World Class Filmmaking: Making More with Less | Wednesday 4 November 10:00-12:00

What are the tools and knowledge independent filmmakers need to stand out and make a world-class film on a micro budget? From science fiction to modern social commentary, Lincoln School of Film and Media leads a discussion on the fundamentals of filmmaking and the processes of making, marketing and distribution.

Re-Imagining the Film Industry: Beyond Covid-19 | Wednesday 4 November13:30-15:30

Covid-19 has drastically altered the way we live and work. How has lockdown presented unexpected challenges that have forced us to think differently? What is the future of hybrid teaching? What does this mean for practice-based learning? This panel, hosted by Ravensbourne University, explores the future of film and education industries.

Why Does Storytelling Matter? | Thursday 5 November 10:00-12:00

Why do we tell stories? Why are we bound to pass on tales from one person to the next? Filmmakers from the University of York are led by lecturer and Script Developer Andrew Vickers (Warp Films, Screen Yorkshire, EON productions), considering the place of storytelling in contemporary society.

Real Lives: Creating An Authentic Documentary | Thursday 5 November 13:30-15:30

When documentaries are based around specific individuals, how do we make sure to represent them responsibly and authentically? Join London College of Communication’s Documentary Film graduates for a unique screening experience centred on documentary as portrait. Panellists discuss dedicating films to a particular individual.

Virtual Effects: Industry Breakthrough | Friday 6 November 12:00-14:00

The visual effects industry is booming worldwide. As filmmaking becomes ever more imaginative, otherworldly and ambitious, it is more reliant on the creative minds and artists of the VFX industry. Arts University of Bournemouth leads a discussion with speakers from leading VFX companies and recent graduates, uncovering the multitude of entry points to this bold and exciting industry.

Self / Unself: Portraying identity on screen | Friday 6 November14:30-16:30

Who we are cannot always be defined in words or visuals alone. Film is a powerful medium that can inspire a conversation though multi-disciplinary expression. In this showcase, London College of Fashion delivers an intimate discussion of identity and self-representation, exploring how they are captured on-screen.

Unique Storytelling: The Individual Perspective |Saturday 7 November10:00-12:00

Regents University emphasises the importance of filmmaking as a storytelling tool, with links to Abbey Road Studios and the Delamar Institute. In this discussion, guest speakers examine how to encourage and nurture individuals, as well as the vital need for diverse voices within the industry, both behind the camera and on-screen.

ASFF 2020 runs 3-30 November. Buy your tickets here.

Angel. Dir.Grace Evans. Part of the Ravensbourne University Showcase Screening at ASFF 2020.
Kate and the Cosmonaut. Dir. Anastasia Arsentyeva. Part of the University of York Showcase Screening at ASFF 2020.
Nonegyboi. Dir. Katharine Nixon. Part of the London College of Fashion Showcase Screening at ASFF 2020.
Animus. Dir. Jehosafeen James. Part of the London College of Fashion Showcase Screening at ASFF 2020.
The Voices of Men. Dir. Jonny White. Part of the York St John University Showcase Screening at ASFF 2020.