ASFF 2020: Get to Grips with our Genres

The Official Selection celebrates the best independent cinema from around the world. These films have specifically been chosen by ASFF’s programmers. For this year’s Official Selection, the festival features 14 genres of short and feature films, as well as 360 and immersive. From gripping dramas to laugh out loud comedies, 2020 is the most extensive and diverse year of programming yet. Find out more about the categories:


Whether it’s motivation, awareness or persuasion, advertising campaigns are designed to grab the audience’s attention within a confined space. These imaginative projects demonstrate the combination of individualistic styles with globalised brands. Big brands such as Hugo Boss and Reebok feature in this year’s advertising category.


Animation transcends reality, creating worlds of illusion and fantasy. From stop motion to 3D animation, this year’s shorts challenge social problems from contemporary and colourful perspectives. Featuring innovative design, refined VFX, illustration and painting, this year’s reel hosts some immensely creative filmmakers.

Artists’ Film

Ignore tradition. This strand represents the rule breakers. Artists’ films aim to break the natural structures of cinema, providing intangible ideologies. These films are crafted around the inconvincible. This is cinema, but not as you know it.


Comedy is interwoven into the fabric of everyday existence. From the mind-boggling to the relatable, the presence of humour and laughter is crucial in these uncertain times. These screenings explore emotions and societal development from a comedic perspective. Each film is sure to surprise and entertain viewers with some absurd environments and wacky narratives.


Connecting compelling narratives with complex choreography, the dance genre investigates emotion through movement. This year’s reel examines social media, identity and relationships through physical expression. With fitting soundtracks and bold direction, this genre takes performance to a new level.


Documentary films are informative resources, educating us on important issues. These eye-opening films enter faraway lands and private realms of society, discussing the need for change and action in the world. Filmmakers investigate racial bias and social prejudice, chasing the truth of the dark world we live in.

Documentary Feature

For the 3rd year running, ASFF will be running the Documentary feature genre. These 5 features cover a range of subjects including mental illness, the Roma Holocaust and feminism. With award-winning directors, these features are designed to provoke, educate and inspire.


The Drama category represents the largest collection of films in ASFF Official Selection. Drama represents human beings at their best, their worst, and everything in-between. These films will delve into empathy, kindness, anger, pain and compassion through the lens of multiple enthralling characters.


Transcending the traditional boundaries of storytelling, the experimental genre aims for unique stories. The 2020 reel will feature a range of hybrid genres incorporating animation, dance and documentary projects. This genre will investigate apocalyptical worlds, colonialism and a future ruled by AI technology. Expect the unexpected.

Family Friendly

Children’s films play an instrumental role in shaping children’s attitudes to a wide variety of cultural and social topics. This collection of films aims to immerse the whole family in the fascinating world of cinema. Although this genre is designed for youngsters these projects offer wider layers of meaning for adults and carers. With a mixture of comedies, animation and age-appropriate dramas, there is something for every family member in this year’s Family Friendly showreel.

Suitable for children aged 4-12.


With the congestion of technology and modernity, there is always pressure on being fashionable. These films cover fashion from a range of perspectives, integrating themes of idealism, desire and modernism. The 2020 reel delves into the challenge of beauty and the destructive role of fast fashion on the environment.

Music Video

Follow ASFF on a musical journey exploring a selection of different musical genres. These contemporary soundtracks combine creative visual flair with powerful musical narratives. Filled with energetic performances and electric choreography these videos will provide a multisensory environment that brings music to life.

Narrative Feature

This year ASFF have six narrative features length films. With multiple award-winning filmmakers, this strand stretches the limits of visual media offering stylistic projects that investigate a range of social problems.


Follow ASFF into the dark, for tales of corruption, loss and fear. These pulsating projects feature mysterious protagonists, chilling narratives and eerie environments. Curated to quicken the pulse and agitate the senses, these screenings will linger in your mind.

Virtual Reality

For the third year running ASFF will be offering a mesmeric Virtual Reality Experience. Explore new realms of possibility with immersive access into 360 cinema. These virtual projects will interconnect audiences from the comfort of their own homes via headsets. Headsets are available in the Aesthetica festival pack.

The ASFF platform is available until 30 November. Tickets are still available at


Something in the Closet, Nosa Eke, UK, 2019, 12:10

Anthropologie, Emma Tempest, USA, 2019, 01:04

Grab My Hand: A Letter to My Dad, Camrus Johnson and Pedro Piccinini, USA, 2019, 05:12

WATA, Joy Yamusangie and Ronan Mckenzie, UK, 2020, 13:44

Shuttlecock, Tommy Gilard, UK, 2019, 13:20

Hong Kong Ballet: “Never Stand Still”, Dean Alexander, Hong Kong, 2019, 02:27

Somalinimo, Alice Aedy, UK, 2020, 17:54

The Deathless Woman, Roz Mortimer, UK, 2019, 1hr 28m 45s

Morning Song, Bijan Sheibani, UK, 2019, 14:10

A Bright Summer Diary, Lei Lei, USA, 2020, 27:30

Talia, Cara Bamford, UK, 2020, 09:50

La Mer, Victor Claramunt, Spain, 2019, 02:15

Hand to Know, Alice Halstead, UK, 2020, 04:17

Paradise, Immanuel Esser, Germany, 2020, 1hr 20m

Fernie, Andrea Corsini, Italy, 2019, 17:00

Conniveo. 1. To Blink, Turn a Blind Eye or Overlook, Georgia Tucker, UK, 2020, 04:00