ASFF 2020: 10 Thrillers to See

These 10 thrillers live on the darker side of life. Tackling the supernatural and the psychological, these films aim to immerse and shock viewers. With mysterious characters, unsettling narratives and eerie environments, these stories provide themes of corruption, paranoia, loss and fear. Watch On Demand until 6 December.

Night Bus | ASFF 2020’s Best Thriller Award-Winner

(dir.) Jessica Ashworth and Henrietta Ashworth, UK, 2020, 12:35

A London bus driver works the night shift on the eve of her 30th birthday. As the shift passes into the early hours of the morning, she encounters a strange supernatural figure who torments her and takes control of the bus.


(dir.) Bojan Brbora, UK, 2020, 07:15

A hitman is sent on his latest mission to execute a target. When he arrives at the targets house, he finds something that jeopardises his assignment. Shot in a single take as part of Directors UK Challenge Trinity.


(dir.) Justin Daering, USA, 2019, 29:13

In this supernatural world, wealthy elites are Aliens, who reproduce by implanting their offspring within human hosts. When a factory worker is implanted with his alien boss’s parasitic offspring, he asks his wife to perform an illegal operation to remove it.

The Hole

(dir.) Louis Lagayette, USA, 2019, 11:54

Sally is young woman grappling with an eating disorder. One day, a hole appears on her body, triggering a set of cataclysmic events that will threaten to make her worst nightmares come true.

Do No Harm

(dir.) Douglas King, UK, 2020, 15.07

Claudie Blakley (Pride & Prejudice) stars as Beth, lead scientist and OCD-sufferer, who risks losing everything to save a colleague from an out-of-date sandwich.


(dir.) David Oesch, Switzerland, 2019, 10.00

Jeanne, a young chef, has made it to a renowned restaurant. With iron discipline she tries to convince her chef of her talent and fight against the merciless pecking order. But how far will she go?

An Uninvited Guest

(dir.) Richard B. Pierre, Canada, 2020, 03.22

When a Black man is viciously assaulted by police right outside their window, all of the guests at a dinner party seem to consider the attack unremarkable, except for one.

The Suit Weareth the Man

(dir.) Mitchell Marion, UK, 2019, 29:09

Maciej suppresses his sexual and cultural identities in order to climb the corporate ladder and escape his humble South London council estate upbringing. The trouble is – he works for the property development company that plans to tear down his home and build luxury apartments. With trouble all around him, Maciej begins to suspect he is being followed by a group of darkly suited men.

Officer Down

(dir.) Simon Pearce, UK, 2020, 18:33

A young British police officer portrayed by Martin Delany (Catch 22) is trapped during civil unrest. He must overcome his fears and bias, to save an enemy that could be his only hope. 

Something Evil Becomes Us

(dir.) T.J. Penton, USA, 2020, 08:00

Alex Levi is a woman who has suffered through many stages of her life. She lost generations of family in the holocaust and was widowed many years later. When she becomes victim to racist vandalism against her Jewish heritage, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Filled with rage, her actions lead to disastrous consequences.

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Adam Grewer