ASFF 2020: 10 Documentaries to See

Meditating on the world around us, these multi-faceted films take viewers behind closed doors. Culturally rich and eye-opening screenings move beyond the parameters of public spaces, entering private realms and sparking dialogues with a range of timely topics such as unemployment, immigration and national disaster. Our filmmakers challenge racial bias and social prejudice, chasing the truth.

2025: The Long Hot Winter
(dir.) Jake Lancaster UK, 2019, 09:25

Brian Eno narrates this fictional documentary set in the year 2025. The Long Hot Winter features interviews with Londoners about their first ever Christmas heatwave. A thought-provoking hybrid short.

Unspoken (SUBTITLED)
(dir.) Samia Badih  United Arab Emirates, 2017, 10:11

Unspoken is about spoken word poet Farah Chamma who, at the age of 17, became an online sensation. The film presents Farah’s conflict as she struggles with self-censorship and authenticity.

(dir.) Alfie Barker UK, 2019, 05:35

The current education system doesn’t work for everyone. Debris Stevenson shares her experience of being at school, where she was labelled as someone with dyslexia – as a failure.

(dir.) Miranda Carter-Watson UK, 2020, 21:00

The story of an ordinary family – told from the perspective of their beloved pet dog, Lola. As we observe the everyday life of the family, a larger story quietly unfolds in the background

Black Line (SUBTITLED)
(dirs.) Mark Olexa, Francesca Scalisi  Bangladesh, 2017, 10:29

In Black Line, three ideas are all linked together: a woman fishing in turbid waters, the broken chant of the muezzin and nature in decline. How do they connect? Where do we draw the line?

When Two Or Three
(dir.) Carmine Grimaldi USA, 2020, 20:00

In the copper mining community of Bagdad, Arizona, Norman and Kay are the very last members of their church. Both alone and together, they seek out a final act of transcendence.

A Simple Life
(dir.) Myrto Papadogeorgou, Robert Harding Pittman Greece, 2018, 17:13

Nature is the mother of every creature. You should tread upon the ground lightly. You respect it. Gioula is fighting to preserve her simple way of life with her, dogs, cats, bees, chickens and horses.

A Sonic Pulse
(dir.) Dorothy Allen-Pickard UK, 2019, 07:23

A Sonic Pulse explores deaf people’s experience of electronic music from a visceral, communal and scientific perspective. Hear the world another way through this immersive and innovative doc.

The Fantastic
(dir.) Maija Blåfield  Korea, 2019, 29:59

Eight former North Koreans tell about illegal foreign movies they watched in their homeland. How did they imagine the reality based on fictional films? The Fantastic isn’t about North Korea.

Invasion: The Unist’ot’en’s Fight for Sovereignty
(dirs.) Michael Toledano, Sam Vinal Canada, 2020, 18:19

Indigenous land is still being taken at gunpoint. Invasion is about the Unist’ot’en Camp, Gidimt’en checkpoint and the Wet’suwet’en Nation, who are standing up to the government.

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