Showcase Screenings & Panel Discussions

ASFF’s renowned Showcase Screenings are a demonstration of the UK’s burgeoning new film talent. Presenting works from today’s leading film schools and institutions, these events are a chance to see and hear from the next generation of talent.

In 2019, ASFF welcomed a dynamic array of organisations stretching across the country, from University of the Arts London to Manchester School of Art. Presented by staff and alumni, each screening introduces a collection of works experimenting with the building blocks of film – from genre and content to starting your own production company.

Showcase Screenings run for two hours and feature a selection of films followed by a panel discussion with the filmmakers, discussing their work, inspirations and craft in detail. Each screening foregrounds today’s most pressing issues and takes key themes from the cinematic landscape as the crux of many lively discussions.

Guest Programmes 2019

Audiences are invited to experience the breadth of cinema through our curated guest programmes.

Spanning Alternative Perspectives and 20th Film retrospectives, the 2019 guest programmes spanned a wide range of topics and styles. The 2019 edition featured archive footage of Apollo 11, a focus on emerging female filmmakers from the Arab world and perspectives from the LGBT community. These programmes broaden the mind and introduce unexpected viewpoints from our changing world.

Alternative Perspectives

Celebrating diversity and individual perspectives, this strand covered a broad range of ideas and voices. From LGBTQ+ communities to female filmmakers coming from war-torn countries, these works are emotive, unique and necessary – reflecting underrepresented visions.

Defining an Era: The 20th Century on Screen

In 2019, ASFF invited audiences to bear witness to some of the 20th century's most defining and critical moments. This series of screenings examines a century of filmmaking in a brave new world that was transformed by motion pictures.

Family Friendly Screenings

Although designed for youngsters, each of these films touches upon a breadth of emotions and offers wider layers of meaning for adults and carers alike. From animations to comedies, the range of screenings available proves that film can be accessed from the earliest of ages.