ASFF 2019: Day Two

Following yesterday’s innovative screenings, masterclasses and social events, Thursday marks the start of our full programme, with renowned industry sessions, panel discussions and guest programmes integrating the day’s schedule.


Showcase Screening – Film & Social Justice: Making A Difference (York Theatre Royal; 14:00-16:00)

Presenting work from today’s leading schools and institutions across the country, the showcase screenings are a chance to see and hear from the next generation of talent. Today, a panel of filmmakers from York St John University will present a selection of films tackling challenging social and political subjects such as LGTBQ+ rights, mental illness and homelessness. This screening is followed by a drinks reception in the De Grey Rooms.

Guest Programme – Nationhood, Language & Identity (1331; 16:45-18:00)

Exploring alternatives viewpoints, diverse representations and the most defining moments of the 20th century, ASFF welcomes guest organisations to present curated guest programmes. Today, a collaboration between Gucci and Frieze explores the enduring impact of acid house on contemporary culture in the UK and beyond.

Black To Techno (2019). Dir: Jenn Nkiru

Special Events

Filmmakers Insights – Documentary Filmmaking: Capturing Authenticity (York Theatre Royal 11:00-12:00)

Visiting filmmakers share their adventures questioning what it takes to make a successful documentary. In this relaxed discussion, they will offer advice on how to navigate captivating themes and unrehearsed footage.

VR Panel Discussion – Immersive Sound Techniques: Virtual Worlds (York Theatre Royal; 16:30-17:30)

Sound is crucial to filmmaking. But with the rise of VR, what new challenges exist? Panelists will invite the audience to explore the theoretical and practical issues surrounding immersive interactive sound informed by various practices such as soundscape studies, game audio, acoustic ecology, film sound and acousmatic music.

Aesthetica Short Film Festival, ASFF 2018, Jim Poyner Photography, The York Photographer,


Cultural Influencers: Speaking to Global Audiences (Yorkshire Museum; 15:30-16:30)

This panel brings Dazed, i-D and COMPULSORY, some of the most pioneering names in the world of online content to discuss the importance of internet as both a platform and a muse. Come and learn how the internet has changed the ways in which we consume art, news and culture.

The Thin Blurred Line: The Ethics of Documentary (York Theatre Royal; 16:30-17:30)

When confronted with a deeply emotive scenario, do you continue to film or put down the camera? How do you condense 500 hours of footage into a 90-minute film? Emmy-winning and BAFTA-nominated Richard Melman from Spring Films (Night Will Fall, Into The Inferno) establishes the ethical boundaries of documentary filmmaking.

Social Events

York St John University Showcase: Drinks Reception (De Grey Rooms; 16:00-17:00)

Join staff, students and filmmakers from York St John for a relaxed drinks reception in the renowed De Grey Rooms. This is a free event for festival pass-holders.

XR Stories VR Soiree (De Grey Rooms; 18:00-21:00)

The XR Stories VR Soiree invites industry guests to come together and contemplate the future of VR and immersive filmmaking. Discuss over relaxed drinks, a buffet dinner and private access to the Screen School VR suites.

Thursday Night Party: Good Vibrations (Brew York; 20:00-23:00)

After a long day of events and screenings, continue the festivities with one of ASFF’s main social events. Festival pass-holders are free to come and go throughout the duration of the event.

Aesthetica Short Film Festival, ASFF 2018, Jim Poyner Photography, The York Photographer,

There is so much to see and do across ASFF, please click here to download the programme or pop into the Festival Hub to have a chat with one of our team.

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Lead Image: Aesthetica Short Film Festival, ASFF 2018, Jim Poyner Photography, The York Photographer,

Trailer: Into the Inferno (2016) Dir: Werner Herzog. Courtesy of Vimeo and Spring Films.