ASFF 2018 Open for Entries

The Aesthetica Short Film Festival is a platform for innovation and originality, offering new perspectives in the medium of film as a form through which to express, imagine and converse with audiences. For the 2017 edition, we received thousands of entries, and our Official Selection saw a remarkable breadth of themes and styles, telling deeply human stories through innovative techniques.

Now, we open for entries for our 2018 festival. We’re looking for shorts that tell both universal and personal stories, transporting audiences into new worlds and opening minds to new possibilities. Whether your film bends reality through digitalised technologies and meticulous animation, or pulls the heartstrings with iconography from everyday lives, submit your work for one of our imaginative genres: Advertising, Animation, Artists’ Film, Comedy, Dance, Documentary, Drama, Experimental, Fashion, Music Video or Thriller. 

New to this year’s festival, we are also accepting submissions in Narrative and Documentary Feature Films over 60 minutes. We’re widening our scope as a festival to open minds to longer-form stories. For Narrative films, these can exist within the realms of extended stories – comedy, drama, and thriller, for example – and for Documentary, this includes features that hold a mirror up to society. Bringing forth unique visions of our world, our cultures, our lives and loves, these features are an exciting addition to our BAFTA-Recognised festival, and an opportunity for filmmakers to stretch their imaginations to the limits. Whether you’re established or emerging, we want to hear from you. Find out more about submissions for these new categories HERE.

Entries are open until 31 May. For more information, click HERE.

To gain inspiration, check out 2017’s winners HERE. 

1. Trailer for ASFF 2017.