ASFF 2015 Official Selection: Gravity by Clemens Wirth, Experimental

This experimental short by Clemens Wirth showcases analogue experiments with gravity set to a pulsating instrumental score. Gravity juxtaposes unusual kinetic visuals with commonplace objects to subvert our everyday expectations.

Detach yourself from the mundane and delve into the thrilling and unpredictable world of short film with a thirst for adventure and surprise. The experimental strand at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival opens the doors to a range of film practices from around the world which are perhaps defined only by their refusal to accept genre conventions and boundaries.

Watch experimental films including Gravity at ASFF 2015 this November.

The Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2015, 5-8 November, venues across York.

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1. Gravity by Clemens Wirth (Clemens Wirth Motion Design). Courtesy of Vimeo.