ASFF 2013 Recommended in the Guardian Guide

Here is what Steve Rose of the Guardian Guide has to say about the Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF) 2013:

“It’s not just the ‘what’, it’s the ‘where’ with this festival, which is as much a treasure hunt as a chance to see some new short films. The screenings take place in 15 ‘hidden’ venues across the city, only one of which is an actual cinema. The others could be anything from a medieval hall to a high street shop. You’ll have taken a tour of the city by the end, but you’ll have seen shorts from key players like Warp and BAFTA. Plus the odd special event, such as Sightseers star Alice Lowe in conversation. Various venues, Thu to 10 Nov,”

Take a look at the feature in the Guardian Guide online.

1. Film still from Lay Me Down, Lucy Tcherniak (Run Rabbit Films), UK, 2013.