Artists’ Film: Treading New Paths

See the World through New Eyes. Abstract, creative and deeply original, the Artists’ Film genre questions the notion of narrative, looking to new techniques for a truly unique sense of narrative. Each film within this year’s strand provides an example of innovation. Undefinable, each reel is packed with original ideas that offer fluidity in the face of boundaries and tread new paths towards visual storytelling. Reconsider truths and reinstate your curiosity.

The relationship between mobility and women is intriguing and complex. In media such as cinema, television and fashion photography (and even in early Muybridge photography), the female subject can often be found lying down, sometimes sexually inviting, sometimes lethargic, and sometimes, as seen in a recent Marc Jacobs’ advert or in any of the countless TV crime serials, literally lifeless. Her immobility suggests a lack of energy, agency or power, or worse, personality. The inert female subject becomes a mannequin, inanimate, objectified and fetishised, and this demeaning representation suggests darker social forces at work.

Annabelle, Barbra, Becky, Alexis, Krystle, Ellen, Olive, Eve and Kirsten, not stumbling, sliding, sinking falling or oblivious (2014) can be seen as the prologue to a new series of works that question contemporary social constructions of women, and to what extent notions of mobility play a role. The video piece references moments in cinematic history where a women’s mobility has been compromised for various reasons: to provide suspense, to bring about a character assassination, to satirise, to provide comedic relief, to silence a voice.

Written, Produced and Directed by Marloes ten Bhömer
Art Director: Noam Toran
Director of Photography: Per Tingleff
Soundtrack: Sam Conran
Color Grading: Martin Sansom

1. Trailer for  Annabelle, Barbra, Becky, Alexis, Krystle, Ellen, Olive, Eve and Kirsten, not stumbling, sliding, sinking, falling or oblivious.