Artists’ Film Club, ICA London

The ICA‘s Artists’ Film Club has been running since 2008 and features work by artists in the medium of film. The new season includes up and coming artists as well as more established names in artists film. The screenings are often accompanied by Q+A sessions with the artists to enhance the viewing experience. Running until 4 November, visitors can expect presentations from the likes of Jon Rafman, Katarina Zdjelar and Anja Kirschner & David Panos. The full details are listed below.

  • Anja Kirschner & David Panos: The Last Days of Jack Sheppard, 9 November, 12:30pm.
    The Last Days of Jack Sheppard is based on the inferred prison encounters between the 18th century criminal Jack Sheppard and Daniel Defoe, ghostwriter of Sheppard’s “autobiography”.
  • Aurélien Froment + Q&A, 13 November, 7:00pm.
    Dublin-based French artist Aurélien Froment investigates objects and our relationship to them in analytical detail.
  • Anja Kirschner & David Panos: The Empty Plan, 16 November, 12:30pm.
    Shifting between documentary, historical reconstruction and melodrama, The Empty Plan interrogates the relationship between theory and practice in the theatre of Bertolt Brecht.
  • Jon Rafman + Q&A, 21 November, 7:00pm.
    Jon Rafman presents the world premiere of his latest film I dig, you dig, and it, the worm, digs too (2013).
  • Katarina Zdjelar + Q&A, 27 November, 7:00pm.
    Rotterdam-based Serbian filmmaker Katarina Zdjelar explores sound, language and translation in her moving image works.
  • Masculine/Feminine, 4 December, 6:30pm.
    Masculine/Feminine is a group screening examining the objectification of gender on film, featuring works that represent both ends of the gender spectrum as well as the grey area between masculinity and femininity.

Artists’ Film Club, ICA, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH.

1. Jon Rafman, I dig, you dig, and it, the worm, digs too, 2013.