A.RE.S Film and Media Festival, Italy

A.RE.S. (Art and Social Responsibility) Film & Media Festival is a unique event that combines Sicilian international film promotion and media innovation with social responsibility. The event returns for its sixth edition this July and August, and is now open for entries accepting films in the following genres: documentary, animation, experimental, artist film, music video and architecture and design projects.

The festival is characterised by its ability to promote cinema culture for fringe, research, young and experimental films. It is also driven by the goal to inspire a new outlook on the contemporary, along with brand new products and processes, related to the field of new media and application of technological innovations. The programme includes multimedia installations to explore the relationship between man and machine.

A true cultural hub, the A.RE.S Festival aims to activate, promote and enhance the best cultural energies from Italy and internationally, as well as create an opportunity for the development of new technology and artistic practice. It pays particular attention to those areas that integrate creativity and design skills, which are able to transform an innovative idea into a product. Design, new multimedia channels, digital video and audio production are all explored in this innovative event.

A.RE.S. Film & Media Festival is now open for entries, and the deadline is 24 May 2014.

For more information visit www.aresfestival.it.

1. Bajo la almohada (under the pillow), Isabel Herguera (2012). Part of the Documentary/ Animation category for A.RE.S Festival 2013.