April Previews: Netflix and Amazon Prime

Thunder Force (Netflix)

Melissa McCarthy and her director husband Ben Falcone bring their successful partnership (Tammy, The Boss) to Netflix with this superhero comedy. Set in a world terrorized by super-villains, McCarthy and Octavia Spencer play Lydia and Emily, childhood friends who come together at a high school reunion. Emily – now a super-smart scientist – has developed a way to bestow powers to normal humans, transforming the pair into superheros. They set about combating the sociopathic ‘Miscreants’, who gained their evil-doings via cosmic rays. Jason Bateman – as a Miscreant outcast called The Crab – and Bobby Cannavale co-star.

Shadow and Bone (Netflix)

When showrunner Eric Heisserer was introduced to Leigh Darbugo’s fantasy Grishaverse series of books, he was told it was like ‘Ocean’s 11 set in a Game of Thrones universe’. Taking place in an Imperial Russian-inspired alternate-world setting, this complex tale stars British newcomer Jessie Mei Li as the show’s lead, Alina Starkov. Featuring Westworld’s Ben Barnes as the scheming General “Darkling” Kirigan, it is ideal show to fill that enormous Game of Thrones-shaped hole in your life.

Without Remorse (Amazon Prime)

Michael B. Jordan, star of Creed and Black Panther, takes the lead in this adaptation from Tom Clancy, the author who brought us Jack Ryan. He plays John Kelly, a Navy SEAL who set outs to avenge his wife’s murder only to find himself sucked deep inside a wider conspiracy. Jamie Bell, Guy Pearce and Queen & Slim’s Jodie Turner-Smith co-star, while pulling the action-packed strings is Italian director Stefano Sollima, the filmmaker behind Sicario 2 and the recent mafia drama ZeroZeroZero.

Leonardo (Amazon Prime)

Poldark star Aidan Turner takes on the iconic Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci in this eight-part limited series. Exploring his early days – long before he painted the Mona Lisa or The Last Supper – this show plays fast and loose with what little historical fact there is around him. Not least because the framing device for the show sees him accused of murder and investigated by Freddie Highmore’s policeman. Also starring The Undoing’s Matilda De Angelis, among the behind-the-scenes talent is Frank Spotnitz (The Man In The High Castle, The X-Files).

All shows available from April 2021 onwards.

James Mottram