Animation: Free your Mind

Leave the everyday and enter the world of stop-motion, illusion and computer rendering. This genre revels in the liberation of creativity – digitalised characters, hand-drawn sets and unexpected events come to light in worlds that have never been seen before. Our playful and dynamic filmmakers have crafted films that access universal themes on personal levels. Love, life and mortality are translated through the human experience, opening doors to audiences to see life in new ways.

An elderly, soft-spoken veteran recalls when she joined the Soviet Air Force’s first all-female bombing squad. She reminisces about her friend Katja, and how they made the best of their antique equipment, struggled with being ostracised from their male comrades, and earned the fearful German nickname “Nachthexen.”

NACHTHEXEN was made by a team of third year Character Animation & CG Art students at The Animation Workshop/VIA University College in Viborg, Denmark.

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1. Trailer for NACHTHEXEN. Courtesy of Vimeo.