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The idea behind Luca Finotti’s #WeBelieveInThePowerOfLove is to bring together Riccardo Tisci and Nike’s worlds. Based on this, the video celebrates inclusion and social connections. Tap into the Ethos of Branded Content. Advertising is one of the most exciting genres to attend; come along to one of these unique screenings and see how filmmakers respond to the aesthetic and emotive challenges of selling products to modern audiences.

ASFF: What does it mean to have your film in ASFF’s Official Selection?
It’s special and a real honour to be in the official selection of the Aesthetica Film Festival, not just for me, but for everyone who believed and worked in the WBIPOL project. A film is not just made by a director but by the whole team involved in it, so it is important for me as it is for them and I’d love them to see their work, time and the challenge they took to be praised and screened in different parts of the world.

ASFF: When did you begin filmmaking, and what influenced you to start?
: As I graduated from Economic school, I really felt the need to express myself. Back then I was only expressing myself through fashion and style but it didn’t feel enough. I then started working as assistant for photoshoots and fashion shows but everything changed when I moved to New York to attend the New York Film Academy. The ability of having a camera in front of you to tell a story inspires me so much.

ASFF: Where do you get your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from everything that captures my attention, I’m a curious person since I was a child. I have this unstoppable curiosity over everything that’s new inside of me. The inspiration is more like a need, a need to discover something new, to do something I’ve never did, push the boundaries of discovering. I believe the best way to feel alive is studying, learning new things in order to open my mind the more I can. And one of my main inspirations have always been people. The uniqueness of each person, who has a different point of view, perspectives and a cultural background, that I don’t have, I can make them become mine and open myself to every different possibility.

ASFF: What do you think is essential for a film within this genre, and how does yours reflect this vision?
What I discovered through my experience by putting the people in front of my camera, whether is for a photo or for a movie, is that the only way to do a good movie is if acting becomes a reality. So, it’s very important to make the people who I’m working with really believe in what they are doing, so that it becomes real. We’re not acting to do something, we’re trying to be something that we are not, pushing our boundaries. For #WBIPOL it was really fun because I had the possibility to mix people from different stories, backgrounds and sexual experiences, and for them it was kind of a joke, but joke is a reality. So, when I asked a straight guy to kiss a gay guy, of course it was acting, but it became a real-life experience because he tried something he had never tried in real life or that maybe he wouldn’t even try. So what people call acting, I call push the boundaries of real life and real experiences, opening yourself to new possibilities, maybe you need a camera to do it, maybe you don’t. Who cares?

ASFF: In a world inundated with information and shared content, how does your short provide innovation and experimentation?
I really don’t know how to answer to this this question. because for every project that I do, I try not to do something I’ve seen. I like to see it as experimentation. I don’t know if I can take the credits for being innovative, but it is innovative for me, taking 45 people from all over the world and putting them together, to the share the same experience and tell their story. It’s been also great to have the opportunity to be more than the director but to also curate the creative direction of the project and have 10 international artists collaborating with their art to be edited inside the video. In a world full of information, you can always learn from each single voice. There’s something you might have seen and something you haven’t. Every voice is worth listening, it depends on who’s the watcher, what’s the message and what’s the context.

ASFF: What do you have planned for the rest of the year?
: Directing is something that you can never stop learning, so I’m always trying to grow and develop my skills, but my personal goal, is doing projects and believing in what happened with Nike. I learned so much and expanded my boundaries so much with the #WBIPOL experience, there are so many stories and people out there for us to know and share experiences that I cannot stop studying and learning more.

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