Advertising: New Audiences

Advertising is one of the most exciting genres to attend; come along to one of these unique screenings and see how filmmakers respond to the aesthetic and emotive challenges of selling products to modern audiences.

These shorts echo the latest developments in technology and design, and look into the vibrant ethos of everyday culture and its commercial counterparts. Consciously led and highly sensitive to personalised motives, polished visuals bring viewers into an arena where originality is essential.

A young photographer, an architect and a restaurant owner. All are thinking about how they want to live tomorrow. One thing is for sure: they don’t want to use conventional cars. Tim Hahne’s Trailblazers screens at ASFF 2017.

ASFF runs 8-12 November. For more information or to book tickets:

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1. Trailer for Trailblazers. Courtesy of Vimeo.