A Soulful Short: Dance from ASFF

An exorcism through movement is explored in Geej Ower’s emotional dance short film/music video The Idea of Us. Told via a circulative narrative that begins and ends with a man seemingly adrift on a cliff edge, this soulful short shows a young man trying to rid himself of a past lover.

Detailing the couple’s journey through as they battle and embrace within their home before a final confrontation on the seafront, Ower uses vigorous choreography and the sombre lyrics of Jono McCleery’s song of the same name to drive the inner conflict and passion felt between the two men. 

Ower is a filmmaker and theatre director with a strong sense of drawing out pristine performances from actors and non-actors alike. Her work often combines different artistic practises. She has worked regularly with the BBC and multiple arts organisations such as the Hayward Gallery at The Southbank Centre, Headlong Theatre Company and West Yorkshire Playhouse.

The film played at Aesthetica Short Film Festival as part of its esteemed dance programme. This strand of the festival showcases the best examples of movement and performance combined, with powerful, kinetic interpretations of a vast number of themes from filmmakers and choreographers from across the world.

Submissions are now open for the 10th edition of the Aesthetica Short Film Festival.

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