A Creative Platform

The genre of Artists’ Film is rapidly evolving, as video content becomes integrated into digital culture. Tapping into this, the third edition of Jerwood Solo Presentations, part of the Jerwood Visual Arts programme, offers a platform for emerging visionaries to showcase new work. Commissioning artists and filmmakers from across the UK to produce a distinctive portfolio, it provides a platform for creativity and talent development.

2018’s line up comprises three concurrent exhibitions at Jerwood Space, London, two of which focus on Artist’s Film and its ability to tap into timely ideas. As Sarah Williams, Head of Programme at Jerwood Visual Arts, notes: “These ambitious new works continue to challenge our views on urgent subject matter such as sexual politics, ageing, and gendered subjectivity.”

One such practitioner is Georgia Horgan, whose film, entitled Dear Barb, is shown above. The piece considers ideas of language, authenticity and sexuality in seventeenth century England, referencing the historic text The Poor Whore’s Petition, a satirical letter allegedly written by Elizabeth Creswell. Set in contemporary London, the film offers two parallel voice overs – one discussing the text and other describing the 1668 “Bawdy House Riots”, which caused damage to city’s brothels. Dear Barb uses linguistic and visual techniques to examine ideas of gossip, the gendered politicisation of sex and local dialects, revealing the contemporary relevance of historic events.

In a similar way, multidisciplinary practitioner Rob Crosse investigates perceptions of the human body, exploring ideas of desire and ageing. Looking into social rituals, his video piece comprises footage taken during the preparations for a vintage car race. Juxtaposed with deeply personal photographs of the artist’s lovers, the presentation offers dialogues about the passing of time whilst extending the boundaries of cinema.

The Jerwood Solo Presentions is open at Jerwood Space, London, until 26 August. Find out more here.

1. Georgia Horgan, Dear Barb, HD Video (2018). Originally commissioned for Jerwood Solo Presentations 2018, supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation.
2. Installation view – works by Rob Crosse. Jerwood Solo Presentations 2018, supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation. Image: Anna Arca