The 62nd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen Takes Place in May

The International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, taking place from 5 – 10 May, offers a great opportunity to delve further into the creative film industry. This year’s event will centre on the rise of Latin American talent within the film industry, while attention will also be placed on an eclectic range of emerging filmmakers, an appreciation of past talent and a series of daily discussion panels looking into a variety of topics related to the industry.

This year’s theme, El Pueblo, which may be interpreted as a reference either to a nation, a population or a specific village, highlights the emergence of filmmaking talent in Latin America. Curated by Frederico Windhaven, a selection of 50 works from 13 countries in Latin America will form the focal point of the festival and introduce viewers to this new and influential movement in contemporary film production.

An eclectic shortlist of influential filmmakers will also be highlighted through the event’s Profiles section. Five filmmakers from around the world, stemming from a variety of generations and cultures, will offer a thought provoking insight into the variety of the industry. Filmmakers such as: Josef Dabernig, Sun Xun, Raquel Chalfi, Jeanne Faust and Anne Haugsgjerd will represent respectively; Austria, China, Israel, Germany and Norway. The works of Sun Xun will be particularly interesting, incorporating both drawing and animation to form China’s first European retrospective piece. Raquel Chalfi’s work will also look into a combination of poetry and film, therefore offering a new and unique viewing experience.

Despite the wealth of contemporary work, however, the Archives project also offers a though-provoking chance to see and appreciate rare pieces of past film, thus inciting viewers to appreciate the importance of an often forgotten area of the industry – that of conservation. Three establishments representing France, the USA and Norway will screen films from earlier periods, therefore highlighting the importance of preserving the heritage of the film industry. Centre Pompidou, notably, will present the remaining work of Giovanni Martedi, the 1960s producer whose oeuvre was largely destroyed during the 1990s.

The Podium will also offer daily discussion panels, which will be attended by a variety of industry professionals, including curators, scholars writers and artists amongst others. The Podium will allow visitors to learn more about practical aspects of the industry such as the education and training, while others will consider areas such as curatorial practice in the current market. A marketing section will also display the catalogues of various distributors throughout the fair.

The 62nd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, 5-10 May, venues across the city.

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1. Salla Tykkä: Retrospective, @Galerie Anhava, Helsinki.