5 to See: This Weekend

ASFF selects five new films released on demand this week. With movies from the UK, America and Hungary, the directors each pursue their own unwavering vision of the world. Issues explored include mental health, the potency of love and sibling bonds.  

Creation Stories (Sky Cinema)

Alan McGee, the founder of Creation Records, gets his own biopic in Nick Moran’s lively ride. The film blatantly tips its hat to the iconic Trainspotting – that film’s director Danny Boyle exec produces, the novel’s author Irvine Welsh scripts, and one of its stars Ewen Bremner plays McGee. Fueled by equally nostalgia and narcotics, Moran’s film succinctly captures the hope and possibility of the times, as McGee goes from a Jack-The-Lad to founding one of the most successful indie labels of the Eighties and Nineties.

Justice League (Sky Cinema)

The hashtag that became a movie is finally here. After fans bombarded social media, petitioning Warner Bros. to ‘Release the Snyder Cut’, they got their wishes. Zack Snyder’s uncut version of the superhero movie he left for personal reasons during post-production – allowing Joss Whedon to finish it off in less-than-glorious style – arrives at a whopping four hours. That’s more Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and a turn by Jared Leto’s The Joker. The moral of this tale? Be careful what you wish for.

Preparations to Be Together For An Unknown Period of Time (Curzon)

Hungarian director Lili Horvát’s mysterious, elusive drama of the heart stars Natasa Stork as Dr. Márta Vizy, a successful neurosurgeon who has been working in America. But a chance encounter with a man (Viktor Bodó) she meets at a medical conference has led her back to Budapest under the belief that they will meet at an assigned rendezvous. What follows is a strange meditation on life, love and lust that shimmers like an enigma for much of its running time.

Silk Road (Vertigo Releasing)

A true story about Ross Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road, a hugely profitable online drug marketplace that operated on the dark web between 2011 and 2013. Nick Robinson, he of Jurassic World fame, plays Ulbrich, while the ever-dependable Jason Clarke co-stars as Rick Bowden, the in-recovery former drug-enforcement officer on Ulbricht’s case. Tiller Russell, who recently worked on the Netflix true-crime tale Night Stalker: The Hunt For A Serial Killer, directs.

Amber and Me (Amber Content)

Suitably being premiered on Sunday March 21st – World Down’s Syndrome Day – this documentary follows twin sisters, Amber and Olivia. Amber has Down’s Syndrome and soon finds school a struggle and wants to stay home. Her sister is having none of it and wants Amber to stay in class. Their father Ian Davies directs the film, charting four years of his daughters’ educational journey in the most trying – and touching – of circumstances.

All films released by 22nd March.

James Mottram