5 to See: Fashion Film

Fashion film is constantly evolving, pushing the boundaries of traditional narratives and aesthetics. This week’s selection showcases some of the trailblazing directors pioneering the genre; dealing with themes of nostalgia, youth and beauty through the ages.

Proclamation Punctuation (2017), Dir. Sewra G. Kidane

Quirky and confident, Proclamation Punctuation by Sewra G. Kidane is almost onomatopoeic in its delivery. A striking central character talks viewers through her love for the exclamation point with all of the dynamic energy of a spoken word poet; her every movement creates a tableau of elegance and ferocity.

Cinéma (2017), Dir Francesco Maria Tiribelli, Prada

Cinéma by Francesco Maria Tiribelli is the epitome of style and classic Hollywood aesthetics. A beautiful young heroin wanders through a plush movie theatre accompanied by charming fairy tale soundtrack. Overflowing with nostalgia for the golden age of cinema, the film has a curious and wondrous feel.

Statures of Gods (2017), Dir. Arthur Valverde

Movement and light combine to create an inspiring and captivating ode to the beauty of the human form. Statures of Gods is every bit as poetic as it is a visually stunning; the fluidity of the dancers is silhouetted against the dazzling sunlight. Juxtaposed with classical statues, the dancers become celestial beings in their own right.

Soul Scene (2017), Dir. Glen Luchford, Gucci

Vibrant and fresh, Soul Scene by Glen Luchford is an energetic throwback to the iconic dancefloors of England’s Northern Soul movement. Brimming with colour and culture, this film is a bold celebration of blackness; the energy is infectious.

Snowbird (2016), Dir. Sean Baker, Kenzo

Sean Baker’s Snowbird for Kenzo is an emotional and heart-warming tale. Typical of Baker’s work, the film finds its subjects on the margins of society. In a desolate and remote trailer park a young woman goes from vehicle to vehicle, offering slices of her homemade cake to neighbours.