5 Must-See Vimeo Staff Picks

Everyone loves Vimeo, the platform that is tailor-made for uploading short films for the world to see. Below are five stories to be found on the site – curated and recommended by those in the know.


This 20 minute short was nominated for an Oscar for Best Live Action short in 2016, so it’s a real find to discover it now on Vimeo. Writer-director Jamie Donoughue – who has worked on shows like The Last Kingdom and Endeavour – is behind it, though that might be a surprise. This subtitled drama about the friendship of two young boys tested to the limits during the Kosovo War has the feel of a work from someone who lived through the conflict. Click here to view.

Year One Anthem – VALORANT

One third of the feral band ‘Heavy Menthol’, director Carl Addy is an innovative and experimental filmmaker. Take a look at this cinematic, released to commemorate the first year of online video game Valorant. “How much madness can there be in a video?”, to quote the production company behind this limit-defying, mind-blowing attempt to suck you into the world of the game.  Click here to view.

‘Saku’ by Bicep

Coming from the second album Isles by electronic music duo Bicep, ‘Saku’ is a mesmerising tune in its own right. But the video, taking pride of place among the Vimeo Staff Picks, is a true work of art. Directed by David Bertram, it’s a trippy journey down a never-ending staircase that has all the hallmarks of an Escher painting. With a forever-floating camera, its proof positive that the art of the music promo is not yet dead. And that final shot is killer. Click here to view.

How To Have Sex In A Pandemic

Directed by Michael Leibenluft, the first episode of the docuseries explores how the work of sex-positive HIV/AIDS activists in the 1980s inspired Queer New Yorkers to revive and reinvent safer sex practices during the early months of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. A talking-heads account, it’s an eye-opening reflection both on the current health crisis and the shattering effect AIDS has on the Queer community. Click here to view.

A Woman’s Place

Rayka Zehtabchi became the first Iranian woman to win an Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject with 2018’s Period. End of Sentence. This new short, A Woman’s Place, deals with the stories of three chefs, their careers, and their shared experience as women in the culinary industry facing and overcoming institutionalized sexism. As each address the bias and harassment they’ve had to endure, we see how each chef has carved out a place for themselves in the industry – not as a female chef, but as a restaurateur, a chef de cuisine, and a butcher respectively. Click here to view.

Words: James Mottram