Watch Alan Holly’s Animated Short Film Coda, ASFF Festival Winner 2014

ASFF is honoured to present Director Alan Holly’s Coda, now officially available to view in its entirety online.

Overall Festival Winner and Best Animation at ASFF 2014, Coda offers an outstanding fusion of fluid animation and captivating film scoring for young and older generations alike. Produced by Ciaran Deeney (And Maps And Plans) under the Frameworks animation scheme, the film is the result of two years of painstaking work by a small team of dedicated artists, featuring the voice talent of Brian Gleeson (Love/Hate) and Orla Fitzgerald (Wind That Shakes The Barley). The animation tells the story of a lost and drunken soul’s encounter with the character Death, who finds him and shows him many things. Filled with an emotive awareness of collective existence, Coda screened across the city of York during the festival.

On the subject of his ASFF awards, Holly has remarked “it is especially nice recognition to have Coda acknowledged among a whole variety of films, and not purely separated as an animated film. That is something that really meant a lot to me”. He elaborated on his experience of ASFF: “I really enjoyed the variety of venues around the city, as it gave me the opportunity to discover York in the two days I was there”. On plans for the future, Holly has stated that he will be working on a feature length project at And Maps And Plans following the completion of another short, in addition to producing an abstract music video for Coda’s composer, his brother Shane Holly.

Coda can be viewed at For more of Alan Holly’s work, visit or follow @qlqn.

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1. Video courtesy of Alan Holly and Vimeo.
2. Image courtesy of Alan Holly.