Review of Director Frédéric Tcheng’s Dior and I in Aesthetica Magazine

In spring 2012, 65 years after Christian Dior launched his New Look in 1947, Raf Simons took over at the helm of his fashion house, as the new artistic director.

With the eyes of the international fashion community turned towards him, and only a number of weeks before his first haute couture collection, Simons had a daunting task ahead of him. Dior and I travels this adventure with him, from his very first meeting with the atelier to his final celebratory sweep of the catwalk.

The film opens with words taken from Dior’s 1956 memoir as he considers the two separate entities attached to the name Christian Dior: himself – a private man – and a globally successful brand. What Dior and I does beautifully is to unravel Simons’s similar struggle as he learns to bring his personal creativity in line with the name of Dior.

Director Frédéric Tcheng mixes archive footage with everyday shots of the atelier in motion, highlighting the individuals who are continuing to craft stunning garments in the spirit of a founding visionary who died more than 50 years ago.

Hannah Clugston

Dior and I by Frédéric Tcheng is available on DVD from Dogwoof.

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1. Still from Dior and I.