Review of Alice Winocour’s Disorder in Aesthetica Magazine, Soda Pictures

Suspense is the order of the day in this brooding, modern thriller from French director Alice Winocour. When soldier Vincent (Matthias Schoenaerts) returns home from the front line, his military contacts get him a job on a security detail for a high society party.

Shortly after, the venue’s Lebanese owner leaves town and Vincent is left to look after his wife Jessie (Diane Kruger), son Ali (Zaïd Errougui- Demonsant) and the family dog at Maryland (the film’s French title). As an outsider, Vincent’s suspicions mount about corruption at the top and the subsequent threat to Jessie and Ali. His own demons – an ongoing battle with PTSD and dependency on prescription drugs – ramp up the stakes when things, inevitably, get hairy.

Disorder’s soundtrack – a mix of ambient techno created by recording artist Gesaffelstein – adds layers of intrigue where the script falls silent. And whilst its pace can sometimes lag, it proves itself to be a cut above than the usual serve-and-protect fare: gritty but richly complex, much like the conflicted character of Vincent himself.

Grace Caffyn.

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1. Still from Disorder, Soda Pictures.