Notes on Blindness at Sundance

Screened at ASFF 2013, the award-winning short Notes on Blindness makes its way to Sundance Film Festival for its premier this Friday of its 15 minute cut version. Part of a three part series, the films document writer and theologian John Hull. In 1983 John Hull became blind, to help make sense of his loss, he began keeping an audio diary. Encompassing dreams, memories, and his imaginative life, Notes on Blindness immerses the viewer in Hull’s experience of blindness.

Directed by Peter Middleton and James Spinney. Peter has a background in visual art. He produced the award-winning short Wavelengths, which was named best film at the 2012 Short Cuts Film Festival, and co-directed and produced Notes on Blindness: Rainfall, which won the award for best short film at the 2013 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and was nominated for the Institute of Contemporary Arts award for best experimental film. He was also associate producer on the feature Honeymooner, directed by Col Spector in 2010.

James Spinney has a master’s degree in literature. He directed the award-winning short Wavelengths and co-directed Notes on Blindness: Rainfall, as well as directing music promos and commercial work for leading brands such as Skype and Peroni.

Development for a feature length film Into Darkness is underway. You can find out more here:

Notes on Blindness, Sundance Film Festival, Friday 17 January.

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