Northern Film School: The Auteur is Dead, Long Live the Script!

In 2016, the Aesthetica Short Film Festival welcomes an array of independently curated Showcase Screenings from guest institutions. View some of the best and brightest works being produced by talented filmmakers from a range of universities, schools and colleges. Today, we take a look at the showcase created and assembled by Northern Film School (NFS).

The Northern Film School, sponsors of the ASFF Script Award, is one of the best-known film schools in the UK, having made innovative and award winning films for over 25 years. The institution focuses on an ethos of visual storytelling,high-end technical expertise and collective creativity. Its students are supported by professionals to become the filmmakers of tomorrow. Entitled The Auteur is Dead. Long Live the Script!, the NFS showcase screening will be held at Reel Cinema on Friday 4 November, and will be followed by a panel discussion.

Films to be showcased at the screening include: Laura Torenbeek’s Leaves In Fall (2015), the story of nine-year-old Hannah who is on holiday with her new stepmother when a dramatic change occurs; Peter Baumann’s Border Control (2014), a multi-award winning that poses the question: what do German border cops, Carl and Franz, do with a body in the woods, just minutes before the big game?; Mateo Palmas’s Man on Bike (2016), a multi-layered documentary film from Yorkshire that investigates life, death, and bicycles; and Beyond the Blue by Elena De Sala (2015), a piece that reflects on the importance of childhood and the absence of a father.

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1. Still from Mateo Palmas’s Man on Bike (2016).