The 22nd Noorderlicht International Photo Festival: DATA RUSH, Groningen

The 22nd edition of the annual Noorderlicht International Photo Festival is titled DATA RUSH, and will show the new and existing works of almost fifty photographers and multimedia artists working all over the world. Each piece focuses upon our digital world, which remains invisible to the naked eye but is becoming increasingly immersive and present in our physical world.

Looking at the effect of data on our everyday life and the tension between freedom, control and privacy in a virtual world, the works seek new points of view and between them search for ways to photograph a world which is barely photographable; for this reason, this year the festival includes multimedia work and 3D installations for the first time.

Within the festival is international group exhibition PULSE which features sixteen classic images from various photographers, which will be presented directly opposite the modern work of the main exhibition to create a stark juxtaposition.

The former Sugar Factory will also be filled with side-line exhibitions such as Fearless Genius by Doug Menuez depicting the birth of the Silicon Valley, a world of sterile data centres and fibre optic cables, as well as symposia, lectures and film presentations discussing the festival.

Noorderlicht International Photo Festival 2015: DATA RUSH, 23 August – 11 October, The Old Sugar Factory, Groningen, Netherlands. For more information, visit

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1. Henrik Spohler, courtesy of the artist and Noorderlicht International Photo Festival.