Iraqi Legacy: Children of Future, Dubai International Film Festival

Six short films written and directed by young and talented Iraqi directors are featuring in the Dubai International Film Festival special section, Iraq Legacy: Children of Future. Each film deals with subjects surrounding childhood in Iraq, marking the 10-year anniversary of the Invasion and occupation of Iraq and the subsequent fall of Saddam Hussein. The Dubai International Film Festival runs 6 – 14 December 2013.

Award-winning Iraqi filmmaker Mohamed Al-Daradji supports the programme to showcase new talent, guiding the aspiring filmmakers through the process of producing a 35mm short film. The project is also backed by The Iraqi Ministry of Culture, Baghdad City of Culture of The Arab World 2013 and runs in association with the Iraqi Independent Film Center, Iraq Al-Rafidain and Human Film (UK). This project is the first of its kind and aims to encourage and develop the emerging filmmaking talent in Iraq, providing a platform for young directors to tell stories through film. We list the films screening in the festival.

Ahmed Yassin, Children of God
A young boy bets his prized possessions on the girls’ team winning a battle-of-the-sexes football match in an attempt to gain the affections of his crush, their goalkeeper.

Medoo Ali, Children of War
An Iraqi orphan doodles a fantastical yet sobering account of an American invasion.

Mohanad Hayal, Happy Birthday
On his fifth birthday, a young boy is taken to visit his father’s grave. Distracted by his toy car, the little boy wanders off and gets lost in the labyrinth of graves, where he meets an unusual new friend who will help him back to his mother.

Najwan Ali, Nesma’s Birds
Nesma is an awkward 11-year-old, who has been at odds with the world around her since her mother forced her to get rid of her father’s pigeons, which she began caring for since his death. Today, she faces an even bigger challenge as she enters womanhood.

Luay Fadhil, Lipstick
Sex education takes on a whole new meaning for one naive young boy.

Yahya Al-Allaq, War Canister
A young, deaf boy is forced to steal oil to support his family.

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1. Mohanad Hayal, Happy Birthday.