Interpreting Film Through the Eyes of the Critic

ASFF 2016 hosts a series of masterclasses featuring experienced guest speakers from various areas of the film industry. One of the events is a masterclass in the art of the film critic. Whether you are an aspiring film journalist looking for the secret to success in your career, or a budding film-maker aiming to discover the criteria for a good review, this event will change the way you look at film and teach you a thing or two.

Freelance film journalist and programmer Simran Hans shares her knowledge on film production and the art of film review, giving ASFF visitors an insight into the industry. Hans has hosted events with Tate, Barbican and has written for The Guardian, BuzzFeed and Sight & Sound. Race, gender and popular culture are topics that Hans often covers in her work and she is currently programming The Bechdel Test Fest – a celebration of the positive representation of women. Throughout this masterclass, Hans will give advice on the topic of film interpretation and explain the effects of a positive film review. This event shows the connection between film production and journalism as it is often the film critics who hold the power to determine the success of a film through their writing.

Attending this masterclass will teach movie fans to view films in a more analytic manner, learning how to depict and interpret them in a way they would not usually do so. Whether you wish to embark upon a career within film, or if you are just simply a film-lover who wants to enjoy a more in-depth viewing experience, this event is suitable for anyone who wishes to learn more about film critic from an insiders point of view.

BAFTA qualifying ASFF runs from 3-6 November. Find out more about the masterclasses on offer:

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Credits:1. Jim Poyner.