The Importance of Sound in Film

After the cameras stop rolling and the actors move on to the next job, the post-production process is a crucial step that determines whether the film-maker’s vision is successfully realised, and it is one which calls upon on a whole range of expert technical skills. Perhaps most vital amongst these is the use of sound and the production of the final mix between dialogue, effects and music. Whether it is upfront, or subtle and unobtrusive, a soundtrack that successfully follows, captures and enhances the emotional content of every visual moment can make or break a movie.

ASFF’s masterclass speaker on The Importance of Sound is Howard Bargroff, a re-recording mixer for film and TV and the founder of Sonorouspost. Howard has won four awards including the 2015 BAFTA Television Craft Award for Sound Fiction and Entertainment. His credits include Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, Luther, Sherlock and AVP: Alien vs. Predator. He will consider the importance of sound in film and explore how new audio technology is rapidly changing the field.

Howard began his career as a sound engineer in the music industry, working with artists including Michael Jackson, Take That and Kylie. He entered the world of film audio post production with a job at Dolby, and worked for a range of companies in the field including Future Post and Videosonics, before setting up his own boutique sound post production, Sonorouspost, as well as being in demand as a freelance. The philosophy underlying his approach to sound is that everything you hear creates the image you see.

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