Guest Programmes 2018

Experience the breadth of cinema through our curated programmes.

In 2018, ASFF looks to the importance of history as a mechanism for both documentary and narrative. Marking the centenary of WWI, attend a screening of silent films from the Imperial War Museum archives. Looking back on 100 years of women's suffrage, Underwire Film Festival presents a showcase of female filmmakers pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Celebrating diversity and individual perspectives, Iris Prize Festival returns to ASFF with a selection of LGBTQ+ inspired shorts that contemplate the contemporary human condition. Similarly, British Urban Film Festival champion underrepresented voices of the BAME filmmaking community with a collection of inspiring and thought-provoking shorts. We also welcome the Scottish Documentary Institute with a poignant collection of moving human stories told by female filmmakers living in exile as a result of Syria's devastating conflict.

As part of a showcase of talent development and career recognition, award-winning filmmaker Chris Shepherd presents an overview of his critically acclaimed works – a hybrid mix of live action, animation and gritty social commentary. Meanwhile, 2017's winning filmmakers return to the festival to discuss the trajectory of their practices and the inspiration behind the pieces.

100 Years On: Representations of the Great War

To this day, the legacy of the First World War can still be felt – a turning point for technology, morality and social responsibility, the events of 1914-1918 have reshaped and redefined our world. This collection of silent shorts from the Imperial War Museum’s vast archive shows the scale and impact of a globalised war, exploring the trauma and devastation of the battlefield as well as the hardships of domestic life.

Chris Shepherd: Celebrating Hybridity

Cutting his teeth as a Director with the celebrated C4 short The Broken Jaw, multi-award-winning filmmaker Chris Shepherd’s credits include Dad’s Dead, Bad Night for the Blues as well as collaborations with David Shrigley and Christopher Morris and BBC’s Big Train. Shepherd shares an overview of his eclectic portfolio – a unique hybrid of animation and live action work which provides a gritty and nostalgic commentary on society.

LGBTQ+ Shorts: Defining Gay Cinema

Returning to ASFF, Iris Prize Festival showcases a selection of LGBTQ+ shorts that ponder on the question of what defines a gay film. With an introduction from Festival Director Berwyn Rowlands, these films offer a variety of approaches and examples of gay cinema, highlighting the relevance of coming out stories in 2018, the role of comedy and questioning whether LGBTQ+ film is an exclusive domain for the young and beautiful.

New Perspectives: Redressing the Balance

Underrepresentation is a key issue within the film industry with BAME filmmakers making up just a small percentage of the professional industry. Leading the charge and championing minority voices, British Urban Film Festival delivers a slate of films that celebrate individual perspectives and unique themes, encouraging a much-needed and important dialogue about imbalance across the film industry today.

Syrian Stories: Female Voices

Women in Syria have not only borne the brunt of a lengthy civil war, they have been marginalised and rendered invisible, despite huge contributions to the struggle. Presented by the Scottish Documentary Institute in collaboration with the British Council and Bidayyat, female Syrian filmmakers share their experiences of being a refugee in neighbouring countries: Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

Winners’ Showcase: Innovative Filmmaking

ASFF welcomes back a selection of its award-winning filmmakers to present their films once again and discuss their approaches to creating visually stunning and conceptually engaging cinema. Alongside a Q&A, this special screening includes the eerily haunting The Happiest Barrack by Noémi Varga, Ian Hunt Duffy’s gripping thriller Gridlock and the quietly disturbing documentary Homeland by Sam Peeters.

Winners’ Showcase: Innovative Filmmaking

The 2017 festival saw an abundance of talented filmmakers present their films international audiences. Returning to ASFF, award-winners from last year’s festival join us for a special presentation of their films, including People’s Choice and Youth Favourite, the Oscar winning The Silent Child and Best Drama Wave. Following the screening, a panel of our winning filmmakers will deliver a Q&A about their work.